New guy here,needs help!

Hello everyone, not sure who will read this but if you do and know I should be doing this in another forum, please let me know!

I have seen a RC model ketch (in picture only) ‘Libera Ocean’ by Graupner (order No. 2115) and would really like to build it and sail it, I can’t seem to find anyone who stocks this or can get it, I have a few emails out at the moment and found this site while on my seach.
Anyone have any leads as to where I might find one (there is a built one on ebay but I would like to build it myself) Any sugestions for a search would be cool to.

I live in Las Vegas USA (born in London UK) and built and sail a America 3 by ‘victor’ (I have some pics if anyone would like to see them)

The Libera looks like a fun boat to build and sail do any of you guys have one you built and now sail? if so is it as good as it looks?

Thanks, Pete :zbeer:

i have seen the boat before. and i know you can order it. building it to scale is not a problem. as the guy who owns one, sails it all the time.
you should check out the barrie model yacth club. they dont sail that particlur model. but they do sail the one before it. ( i cant remember the name right off the bat) . but they have alot of guys there that are real good
if you want some contact. just leave me a message
good luck

Hobby Lobby are Graupner distributors in the USA. But they tend to pick and choose what lines they carry. If you’ve still got links to the UK, Howes or Westbourne may stock it.


There’s a Libera Ocean posted on eBay-UK if you want to go that way. Ooops, says pick-up only but maybe you could convince seller to send.


Thanks very much for your replies guys, I will try the leads you gave me, I did see the one on E-Bay but not only is it for pick up only its already built and I wanted to build it, I wonder why it’s out of production? Any way thaks again. Pete