New from québec !

Hi !
I’m from Gaspésie, Québec. I’m 21 and when i was 9 or 10 yo my uncle gave me a fully functionnal kyosho Fairwind. For a couple of years it was forgotten in a room since a couple of weeks, i did some minor repairs on the boat and remade it sailable again :slight_smile: I’m not just a RC sailer, my dad owns a 1976 GramPian Discovery 7.9 and i’m on sailboats since i’m 3 months old ! I restored a rc motor boat last year but not very happy about it… (Battery life) and i tuned over to my old sailboat :stuck_out_tongue: So its about all of me and my boats! Maybe i’ll build another one entirely by hand in the summer, if build cost are low.

Bonjour la Gaspésie,

Et bien nous voilà deux du Québec. I strongly encourage you to read around, especially some of the old building threads. You will mostly be bitten by the R/C tinkering bug.

Bonjour Sylvain and Wavez,
vous étes au moins 3 !
You are at least 3 , please adds Gilles :,
but there is also a 4th one Yard :
BTW, Gilles was asking your E-Mail adress some days ago !

Thanks for the thought Claudio. Gilles has contacted me a little more that a week ago. You just reminded me that I still have to reply to him :blush:. Ça s’en vient Gilles.

I am not sure Yard is active anymore since he never replied to my attempt, twice. Maybe he just didn’t receive your reminder!

Hi Sylvain and Wavez,be sure nothing equals the plaesure of sailing a boat you`ve built yourself.I began myself with a chinese nzl 92 and was so unhappy of the result that with the help of master Claudio D i built my fist but not the last sailboat.

Content de voir qu’il y a du monde du québec :). Happy to see that there are some poeple from québec ! Well i love to sail my rc boat but having one that i’ve build should be awesome, i’m in search for a model to build and also asking myself if i’ll build it in fiberglass of “epoxy’ed” wood one. I’m not fan of multihulls, so if i decide to give it a try i’ll go for a fast mono one :stuck_out_tongue: Any tips on the model i should choose if i want to get some speed ? :slight_smile: