New from Mexico

my name is Juan Carlos Bravo and ever since I was a little kid I have been interested in RC sailboats unfortunately I’m still without one of them.

Actually I’m thinking about building one myself, I like the 120 acc classs because of the size.

The only experience I have is building a RG65 but never finished due to I was using wrong materials but now that I have a little bit more knowledge maybe I will be able to build one at last.

This is a great forum and I have found very interesting information, thanks to all of you in advance!

Juan Carlos

Welcome to the website, Juan -

suggestion ---- go to the AMYA website and visit the US One Meter Class page. While there, download the PDF files for boat construction. Regardless of size of boat you want to build, the site and building manual will provide a tremendous source of information and suggestions which may help in avoiding spending a lot of time building a boat that never hits the water. Download is free, and covers all aspects of build, assembling, rigging and even a primer on sailing.

Good luck - Dick

hi dick
I will! hope to get started soon

BTW I have good knowledge in electronics, programming, etcc… hope it will be helpful for the community somehow
I am also expert in 3d modeling like solidworks, I am thinkin about modeling every part of the ship before building, this have been very helpful in other projects, saves time and money

Juan Carlos