new frenchy

helo everybody!
i’m come here to speak about footy class and other
living in britanny, practising modelism and real sail and like you can see: very bad in english!
at the time, i’m work on new "old school"class “youpi” and i project to modify one of one-foot freesail model to go in footy class*
pictures at next!

Thank you for joining us.

I look forward to seeing some pictures.

the “bidules”
sorry, it is not well taken…
you have: in first : one foot hard chine with asymetric foil, tip upkeel(~35° of angulation) and wing mast
made in balsa and plywood
50gr +80gr ballast
second(the big); the “youpi”
and third: extrapolation of a “mor-bihan” model, free sailing like the first

the footy project is about a hull near the first but more simple(no mobile keel,…)
big problem:i have to found a complete rc system less than20-25gr!!not easy…