New Forum upgrade

Its been pretty quiet around here lately… But I had some time to try and give this place an overhaul. Tried my best to maintain all the data over the years and bring it over to the new server. If you find something missing feel free to let me know and I can try and find it. You might also need to redo your passwords and accounts.

Thank you all for your many years of support and conversations.
Heres to many more to come ! :slight_smile:

Scrolls bringing nowhere too longs and not useful.
Impossible to find a subject.
My last entry “My Models” book link for 645 pages vanish.
It was much better before except for the colors mix as often discussed with Dick Lempke without succeeding.
Now if the thing remains as presented , my goodby is sure

I can attempt to address some these concerns…

  • On the right hand side you should see a timeline of posts… this can be moved to quickly move through the topic vs having to click page buttons at the bottom
  • updating the main page to display in category view
  • Cross Referencing old forum posts with the new url so bookmarks will still be valid

In the mean time I am working to bring the old forum back up in read only mode as to give others a chance to verify and let me know everything made it over to the new servers.
Some further backstory… The server which was hosting the older Vb Forum upgraded to php7 which caused the old forum to be inoperable. Rather than seeing php errors all over the place I decided hastily now would be time time to get something fresh.

@claudio when you say 645 pages vanish are you referring to a specific topic that you need assistance in locating? or are you saying you had bookmarks referencing different modeling topics?

Hi Chad

I wrote a free book about all “my models” relating more than 30 years work.

It was introduced around a week ago with the Google link :

First, that is a fantastic book and thank you for sharing that knowledge!

Glad you caught that it had disappeared!

I pulled down and began converting the old database on Tuesday November 19th…
So anything posted afterwards will be missing… I will try and bring back and repost once I get the oldone back up and running.