New Forum statistics rock

While browsing the new forum I noticed the statistics on the sidebar.
There is a “Post % of total” which shows 28% for Wis and 34 % for Dick. These are at least to say impressive numbers. 62% of all posts in this forum by 2 guys! lol :lol:

I guess its now our turn to hold against that… So here’s my first post. Gotcha Wis, another 0.02% gone! :stuck_out_tongue: :twisted:

Hey - many of mine were in response to a previous member of the forum who had a habit of posting unsubstantiated claims that were (supposedly) fact. :lol:

I believe Wis and the other moderators ran up a bunch of number posts at the same time for the sme reason - trying to keep the forum sanitized from repetitive posts, claims of coming performance, and other such topics. Too bad there isn’t a way (or is there) to look at posts before and after a specific time period.


Woah Dick - let’s not go there again! :slight_smile:

Unnecessary post - I just needed to lift my percentages.

I second that :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :mrgreen: :lol:

I see, this is not the way to get ahead… One Post from me is right away countered by one from Wis. It seems he plays a defensive game compared to Dick,who blocks the attack with a quick reply and starts an immmediate counterattack with another post.
1:0 for Dick. I bow to the master. ?:mrgreen:

hmm i could delete his post…he cant delete mine :twisted: :twisted:

I am so confussed!!!

I do not know which board I should be read/posting. forums (

or The New Board (

There is a very interesting statistics on the “The New Board”

We have 534 registered users [ 21 males & 1 female ]

What are the rest of you 512 “members”

I have also posting this on the other forum, so please can someone tell me which icon I should delete of the desktop?

I know you are just in the middle of the switch over. This is the correct forum now…