new footys...

wahoo! i have the proto for my new footy infront of me right now…:smiley: i have to say it looks pretty good. [if i do say so myself] no, no pics yet, she is still under wraps!:devil3: but i am curious, how many others have a new “proto” in the works?

Brett is building one for me:smirk:

And the Hamster now has hulls for the first series produced UK Footy - derived from the same ‘Fennnec’ master design ass the 507 but lighter and narrower.

Fjallraven project still atr ‘eat before reading’ stage.

Building an AKELA for Angus.(mould ready to be made)

Have a 507 hull ready for fitout.
Launched a “CharlieUK” hull yesterday(managed 375g total displ with 100g batteries)
Still using my other boats to develop rigs and appendages.

have a cat plug on the go, but it has a lot of dust on it.
also have a skinny laja in the works, but also has dust on it.
many other projects in front of the “Footy” experiments.

it’s cool to see the conceptional-developmental-building-bug that exists here.

and Partially on paper.

Once I get my other projects down, will get to them…

Got a plug almost ready to make a mold…hull as yet unnamed. Only problem is that my work schedule is a lot busier this summer than I’d like it to be, so I’m not making any predictions about getting it done.

Bill H

In boatyard #1
Pintail12 at the laser test cutting stage, and the etched deck will look pretty.

Siren later in the year, and lots of business development under way.