New Footy kit from McAllister Models

After several years away I’m now able to produce new Footy kits again. I have the first sail/rig kits available now. The rigs are available as a separate kit for use on any suitable hull.

The new Banshee Footy hull kit will be available very soon. The kit is for the hull only should you want to build your own rigs, or with the matching OPUS rig kit.

For more details please take a look at my website at
I formerly traded as Scalesailing for anyone who’s been here awhile :slight_smile:

I hope that we can re-ignite some of the energy that was behind the Footy movement a few years ago. They’re as much fun and as handy a boat as they ever were!

Happy sailing,


I’ve made a short video to give an overview of the hull kit. You can view it at my website or on Youtube at

Thanks for looking :slight_smile:

Here is a video of the Banshee sailing on my local lake a couple of weeks ago. I hope you find it of interest.