New footy and pics

Greetings all-
Well here she is. Raining outside so launched in the tub. Not much wind by the tub
Hope these pics work

Can I get a sail number?


Looking good!!!

Very Nice! What did you use for sail material?

Thanks, its just some kite fabric, I don’t really remember what it is I think its 3/4 oz dacron or nylon. I use it on a lot of my bigger boats. Whatever most kites are made from. I used carpet tape for the seams. Tricky getting a straight hem with the tape. I think next time I won’t fold it, I’ll just lay a thin strip on top in the right place and trim the excess.

Had the maiden dip in the reflecting pool with some wind this afternoon, went very well. Think the balance is pretty good, will have to try again to be sure.
Footies like to nose-dive don’t they. Maybe my next one will have a ketch rig.

Happy sailing!

Nice model John,well done.

Looks good, John…I hope you’ll come up and sail it against Halfpint and Razor this summer. Your sail number is in your email.

Bill H

Thanks Brett, Bill, Bob

BTW John…I think it’s important to use the correct nautical terms on this forum. That is not a “tub” you launched in…it’s a “test tank.” The “sink” in the same “test lab” is the “float tank.”

See you this summer…Bill