New Facebook "Footy" Group Formed

A new Facebook Group has just been created. If you are already have a Facebook account and are a Footy skipper, please join this group and add photos of you, your Footys and post your club website for all to see. Video can also be added to this site.

If you don’t have a Facebook account, simply go to and join up. It is free.

Hi Frank,

Couldn’t find it, searched under “Footy”, “Footys”, “Footy Yacht” and “Footy Sailboats”, all that showed up was soccer or college related, plus one closed religious (?) group. How about a more direct link or unique search word?

Bill Nielsen
Oakland Park, FL USA

Not totally sure, but on my Facebook home page using the PC, I click on the Groups symbol near the bottom left of the screen. Once in the groups page, you can search for or start your own group.

If anyone has more experience and knows how to find Footy group, let us know. It is an open group.

when I searched for Footy in Groups, it was 3rd down on page 6 of results. I’m in!

A number of totally new contacts have shown up on this Facebook group and found another Michigan Footy Skipper (I now know 8 total +1 ???), but this is open to Footy Skippers around the world.

When you join, please post photos with comments and let us know your country, state/region and city and post often. Also send me a message with your email address.

I recently identified 13 Footy Skippers in Michigan plus me and sent out an email to them. Three (3) are in the Upper Pennsula and remaining in the lower. The Saginaw, Bay City & Flint areas total 7 and 1 is in Grand Rapids.

If you are in Michigan with a Footy and did not receive an email from me, send me a note with your details.

Name, City, Boat Model, Designer, Boat Name and Sail # and I will add you to the email list.

The goal is to host some type of Open Michigan Regatta late Summer or Fall.

It would also be nice if you could join the Facebook Footy Group and post a picture of you & your boat(s). The Footy Group is open to all World Wide.