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As most of you are aware, the weather on Saturday isn’t looking too good. The local TV weathermen are predicting a soaking rain (an inch or more), while Weather dot Com is predicting mid 50s, with 10 mph winds, and a 40 percent chance of showers (clear when we start… rain starting around 3 PM). My inclination is to trust the local weather gurus more than Weather dot Com, but who knows, we might get it in – and then me might not.

Bill Hagerup is in Oregon on business, but we have communicated via e-mail. Our consensus is to wait until tomorrow morning to make the final decision. If we decide to postpone the rain day will be Saturday, May 24.

You comments and opinions are welcome.

Be sure to check you e-mail tomorrow (Friday) morning.

Jim Linville
Footy #42

A wise decision. Soaking rain in April is a much different beast than a shower in July.

Here’s another data point:

The rain storm is coming in on Friday and staying until Tuesday, with the heaviest rain on Saturday.

What a shame!