New England NZL Postal Rescheduled

Well, it’s 11 AM Friday morning and not a peep from Bill
Hagerup. Last I heard Bill was in Oregon on business, so
I guess he’s stuck in an American Airline ticket line
somewhere east of here. Anyway you look at it a decision
about the New England NZL Postal Regatta has to be
made, and it seems that I’m forced to do it.

Here are the “facts” as I know them at the present time.

  1. The radar map shows a “giant” storm in western New York
    state. It’s headed this way, and will arrive here on
    Friday evening, and stay for the whole week-end.
  2. It seems that the worst part of the storm will pass to
    the north of Boston/Needham. That is, the rain will be
    much heavier in Laconia than in Boston/Needham, and
    the further south you go, the lighter the rain will be.
  3. TV weather forecasters in Boston are predicting low-
    to mid-40s, occasional showers, and 8 mph winds. One
    of them called it “cold and raw.”
  4. Weather dot com is predicting the same with a 70 percent
    chance of rain.
  5. The National Weather Service (NOAA) Says, “Rain, mainly
    before noon. Patchy fog. High near 46. East wind between
    6 and 9 mph. Chance of precipitation is 80%. New rainfall
    amounts between a quarter and half of an inch possible.”
  6. Every pre-registered skipper who has communicated with
    me (8 of the 14) think it’s a good idea to cancel
    and re-schedule on May 24th.
  7. This hobby/sport is supposed to be fun.

Therefore, I am declaring the New England NZL Postal Regatta
RAINED OUT, and rescheduled for Saturday, May 24, 2008.

Jim Linville
Minuteman MYC
(Host Club)


I guess that answers the question about fleet racing vs “Internet Course” time trials. There’s no reason to time trail in May. We can just concentrate on fleet races.

The only question is, will we have another opportunity to time trail in Needham this month? Maybe some Thursday afternoon?


Good decision. I want to sail badly, but not enough to be soaked through to the bone in 40-degree weather. You made the right call.


Any Thursday in Needham would be fine. Does anybody else want to do it on a Thursday? -Jim

Well, I just thought if anyone wanted to get some times to send in before the end of the month, we could set a course some Thursday.

I hope we can still get a good group together in May, but worry that the holiday weekend will diminish the number of sailors. Guess its the hand we were dealt though.

Thanks Jim,

You made the only logical decision. I was flying United, so got home Friday afternoon OK.

The only Thursday I’ll be home this month is this week (the 17th.) I might be talked into it if there is enough interest. Ironically, I’ll be in Framingham speaking at a convention on Tuesday. Anybody want to try Wednesday?

Bill H

I think Paul and I can make it on either day. Just let us know when and we will be there.

You retired and semi-retired people are the envy of us working stiffs. A week day would be impossible for me. I’ve already burned 2 vacation days this month for hobby reasons. Any more and I’ll be eating into my ‘real’ vacations this year. :mad:


P.S. All weathermen are crooks and charlatans. They predict 100% chance of rain and it’s sunny and warm here today.

I could make it this Wednesday or Thursday. Let me know and I’ll be there!