New design on the (digital) drawing board

The RG65 class will be featured in the AMYA Model Yachting Magazine this winter, and Eric Rosenbaum asked me to work up something for an article. Since I haven’t done an RG65 since Round Ranger, I was happy to agree. When the season winds down here in NH, I’ll build it and do a writeup with some build pics.

The plan was developed in Freeship. Displacement is 1000g, beam is 95mm, canoe draft is 35mm. Prismatic coefficient is high at .62 to retain volume in the ends to reduce pitching and help keep the bow up.

Since I needed a new boat for some upcoming racing, I downsized the design and built it as a Footy. I’m very pleased with its performance, so I’m pretty sure it will be a good “Two Footy” as well.

Name ideas and comments are welcome.

Bill Hagerup

looks neat bill…

Call it “The Edge”

Thanks for all your help Bill,

I looked at the bodyplan and the name that came into my head was ‘Spyder’ - has nice Italian sports car connotations.

Marc, Andy Hoffmann is already using ‘Edge’ for his Manta Edge :frowning:

Take care


I like it Bill. It reminds me of a sleek tugboat. Maybe call it the Untug.

I just screwed up an old stick&tissue airplane. I’m not liking planes now but it has motivated me to finish some boats. One of them is a Round Ranger RG65.

Happy sailing,


Thanks, John, but I think I’m liking Joannes suggestion better :wink:

I have a set of laser-cut frames for a plane that I’d like to build this winter…but then I’ll have to fly it. And if I fly it, I’ll have to attempt a landing…and…then I’ll need a new set of laser-cut frames.

Round Ranger is pretty old news…I don’t think you could expect it to compete with today’s designs. It’s fine if you want a nice-sailing boat that loses races, though :slight_smile:


Light air with a swing rig. The rr is a capable little boat. When the wind comes up it gets over powered pretty quick. But under 5 knots its deadly in the proper hands

Don’t get me wrong. It’s no skinny. But it won’t set you a grand either

Thanks, Marc…light air is what she was designed for, so it’s good to hear she can still keep up.


Bill. Every now and then craig will beat up on us with the styrene rr when his thumbs don’t get in the way

He’s just praying to the wind gods to keep it light

Well thanks Marc… I think ? I did bring the Ranger the last 2 times because the wind was light. Plus to try the new break back swing rig on it. Definitely a learning curve with the rig going up wind.
My joy comes downwind hearing “here comes the barn door” I may not win a lot of races but with 2’s and 3’s I can win the day. You got to admit the thumbs are improving slowly.