New design/concept

So, I have realize that I can’t really draw or skitch anything, especially when i am one of those type of people that likes to draw/sketch things in scale. And not really knowing the different ratios/measurements of things as they should be throws me off.

But i will attempt to describe what i would want and maybe some different options.

Overall construction methods: Fiberglass with Foam core or Air core.
Foam core will allow for a once piece construction of each part
Air core will allow for lighter construction (maybe?) but it is a two piece construction per item

Huals potitioning and size: This is where i kinda go blank I don’t know if its ideal to keep the huals basically the same length and if they should be placed exactly side by side (where bow tips line up in a straight line). I would like to try a swept back or a swept foward design (center haul either foward or behind the outer two). With the rudders being on the the haul(s) that most aft potition (i.e. either one rudder center hual or one rudder on each outboard haul). The outer huals should be potition so they are slightly angled inward (say 15-20 degrees).

connecting arm(s): again of fiberglass construction. Would like to try something similiar to the ideal of aircraft wings, in the since they have an airfoil to it and allows for least wind resistance then tubing. They will also either be swept back or foward depending on the hauls setup. Maybe a one piece design spanning from one side to the other.

Attachment: I would like to see some metal attachment points , metal bars, tapped and died, inbedded in the huals while the ‘wing’ have a reinforced section . Simple screw it together with maybe a hex wrench?

Masts and rigging: Again i draw a blank here, I don’t know much about this aspect to know what I am doing but something should be determine in the means of the mast before center hual construction is started.

Electronics: Again this is something I knwo little about, it is possible to put electronic equipment (battery packs) on the outer huals as weight and simply wire through the wings to reciever and such.

Hopefully, I covered most of everything I want. Any comments or suggestion (study material, pointers, ideas, etc) would be greatly appreciated!