new class by stockmaritime .com


prototype of 3X1

Happy to see that I’m not alone anymore to propose a boat of 111 cm lenght like the 43-900 presented last May in this forum but without the bowsprit :

Now modelers have the dual choice, buy it or make it !


mmh…only 1400g for the keel…

Looks cool, but doesn’t seem to sail very well…Over powered and/or not enough ballast.

And it will stay dry inside, until the first ‘t-bone’ at a regatta.

The bowsprit may look cool and replicate the look of the latest high performance boats, but it has no place on an RC race course.


Some sailing with this 3x1 model boat:



;)Overall I like this new boat and think the boys at Stock Maritime are one of in the best at promoting their RC products. Terrific videos. Be nice if some of the other producers were able to afford to be so creative marketing wise. I thought the boat did better in the clips from Sweden than in the others. I agree with John that the bowsprit would be an issue racing with other boats. I am not being critical but think the boat could benefit for a bit more ballast, and it does seem to get deep on it’s rails a bid easier than I like.
The boat seems fast enough and certainly is able to take beating. Love the slow motion shots! They might consider a little lighter music in the surfing segments perhaps a “Beach Boys” classic “lets go surfin”

What about the prices ?

if you have to ask, then its too much…

I noticed the “tenderness” of their rg65 hull as well in a breeze…

Hi Marc,
true is too much !!

Compared to a asia model a 3x1 is expensive. Compared to an IOM it´s a bargain buy. Compared to the sailing fun it´s the best boat I know.
Ok, I´ve made the design, but I have sailed a huge amount of model boat and big boats from 6m to 16m.


yeah but how big is the class?

The big benefit of the IOM is that you can literally sail your way around the world with the amount of clubs that are present.

I figure the starting price for the kit would be about $800 usd to my door with out any electric bits…

I believe a dave creek lintel kit can be had for around $500 usd, an A rig including sails from another vendor for $220 nd the various deck hardware for another 50-100 depending on how exotic you go… price point is pretty close…

have you given any though to making an IOM hull?

pretty close to the 3x1

It seems (to me) that there are a number of boat suppliers who seem to build just outside of the accepted class sizes. Kind of makes comparisons hard to do and not worthwhile. 48" to 52" LOA just outside of 50/800 class. 66 cm just a bit bigger than the accepted 65 cm of the M65 class. Slightly over/under 1 meter or with illegal appendages or sail areas. Etc. Rather than spend the time to develop a competitive design within the rules of an existing class, suppliers will “fudge” things so the design isn’t competitive - and it doesn’t fit within an established class. Much easier to take money from new sailors based on graphics (or suggesting class specs) than it is to actually make something that is fast AND inexpensive. Unfortunately the poor unknowing buyer is then left to try to find a class that is racing the boat.

I know racing isn’t the “only” thing people want to do with their boats, but when they get tired of sailing alone, and want to sell it, they can take a huge “hit” because they have to lower the price in order to sell. There are obvious exemptions to this broad point - but for the prices paid, and no one sailing, it is a real shame. Worse is that the supplier may eventually quit making the product, adding another unpleasant surprise for the owner.

Personal view - I could be wrong.

Just my two cents, I was told that :

the ‘Class’ definition is granted ‘bylaw’ by the National Federation to a consistent and stable number of 20/25 registered models as minimum within a Group/Association,Club, etc.

A single design model is Non a Class but an Experimental Model.

An experimental model could become a “Class” if a Club decide to adopt that model for competitions in view of the his intrinsic performances in accordance with the law.

25, spread around the world single modelers cannot justify the word ‘Class’


Pretty much the same here in the USA, Claudio -

A “Class” - to be recognized - needs a minimum of AMYA “Registered” members to form a class. This minimum must remain in number in order to continue to be certified as a “class”. If the number of registered boats or owners falls below the required minimum, the “Class” is de-certified. Boat owners are welcome to join the “OPEN CLASS” where they can wait until the needed number of boats/owners in the class are registered.

This still remains a USA class - until registrations meet the rule requirements for an “International” class in other countries.

I concur with your post.

A class grows, if enough sailors come together and starts sailing.

The 3x1 class is commercial organized and controlled by a commercial company.
The idea is to have stable costs and a boat, which you can use for years without modifications.
Advertising is welcome.

There are more than 300 people now, who like the boat, and an increasing community and more and more races in germany.

We have a simple system, simple rules, simple boat.
But a lot of fun.

Challenging: The race on the river Elbe, with current, waves, commercial navy and long distance racing.
Sailing professionals like Tim Kröger are meeting ambitious sportsmen like Olympia rowing participant Bastian Seibt. But both had no chance against the young generation of the well educated Mühlenberger Segel Club kids … enjoy the video.

Day 1


Day 2


Hi, this boat seems nice, i do have some questions.
What is the area of the sails in different combinations?

Congrats on the Hamburg river challenge event! Seems like it was a success,
How come most(if not all) boats sail with low(perhaps not sufficient) jib stay tension? How thick is the mast? Any close-ups of it?

How many were sold? It seems to me like the class is growing rapidly.
Good job! I hope that it’s one design nature wont hurt the build quality and further growth.


Eric and/or Flying Dutchman

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