New Cat on the Pond

The prototype of my latest Mini40 design, the VENOM a catamaran has successfully maidened today. Everything was fine except the wind was very light. I will continue to test it in higher winds as soon as I have the chance.

Here are the first pictures of the Venom,you can find some short clips at RCSails

Have fun looking:)

Siri -

well done and a very interesting and unique design. I haven’t visited site yet for video, but will this afternoon. I am guessing a single board under the mast “pod” - but single or double rudders. If they show in video - my apologies. Looking forward to see how it handles the heavier winds. Also like the looks of the swing rig. Perhaps I should compromise and consider for mine. Lots of questions for you when I’m not so busy here at work. In the meantime - very nice and tahnks for helping to promote multihulls.

Swing rig - what is it made from? Being all white I can’t tell - just glass?

Best regards, Dick

Just looking at photos again - I noticed - 2 rudders. My apologies for not looking before speaking. Are they connected through the rear cross beam - or multiple servo on same channel, or ???

the swing rig’s booms are gelcoated carbon mouldings, the mast is carbon too. I use this rig because it is easy to swap for my different boats. I build this one with two rudders, it can be done with one rudder like my Adrenaline 65M as well. I use two servos, one in each hull for the rudders. Theyare connected to the receiver wih an Y cable.
The videos are not spectacular, it was a calm day with nearly no wind, but you can see how nice it accelerates in the slightest puff.


I have sailed my Venom yesterday in higher winds, Unfortunately winds were not steady blowing but she lifts her windward hull up nicely when winds pick up. Behavior is like my Nightmare 8. I will do some more video clips the next time.