new builder and cant wait to sail

i found some plans for the alingi SUI100 and started to build 14 hours in and i have the gel coat on :slight_smile:
I have an other one im working on its a wider hull but im not sure where to put the keel yet not sure how to figue that out maby just what ever looks good any feed back would be great :confused: i would really like to build the whole thing from stratch i have an old spinaker i can use for sails but the mast would it be easier just to buy one

Gidday Capt77,

Another AC boat in Canada great stuff ! which scale are you building 65, 100, 120, 180 cm ?

There is America Cup Boats section with lots of threats with helpful hints in this forum (look couple blocks down)

Looking forward to seeing some pictures & wishing you all the best with your build.

Cheers Alan :zbeer:

Hey, Cap’t … er, um, I was gonna offer some help, but you seem to have everything under control. Nice plug!

I’ve got an NZL-92 IAC120 on the other side of “the big smoke”, hopefully we can sail together once you are done!

I see 1 problem though, what are all those big boaty things in the background, with all those tools and such? Don’t they get in the way of model building :slight_smile:


thanks its 120 im trying to take as many pictures as possible the hull was easy but building the mast may be a bit hard thanks i looked and found some very helpful stuff i
i hope to build more boats to see what sails good i really enjoy the build

i hope thay both sail :slight_smile: its hard to get to the build when your triping on big boats thay get in the way :slight_smile:

I guess it really depends on what you want out of a mast. My local hobby shop sells carbon tube, but fairly thick walled.

Simplest is just a carbon tube.

I did a 10mm to 6mm profiled mast, but it came in heavier than I anticipated, but very stiff. (thick walled - remember?)

I like what Jim has done, but I’m not up for that challenge yet.


ive called around and cant seem to find any carbon tube the kingston hobby shop web site was talking about groovy tube but thay dont have any and pinacel hobby doesnt seem to ever anwser the phone

If you just want tube, or you want to make your own groovy, hobby-hobby in Mississagua. I buy from Skycraft in Burlington. Both places have 1 meter lengths, so a join in neccesary, but neither carry groovy.

If you want groovy, you are going to have to mail-order.


thanks good to know i found some 60 inch 10mm in the states at good winds 6 10mm tubes and 1 6mm at 60 inch 107 bucks + shipping :frowning:
finally got a hold of pinacle hobbies in markham but no 10mm in stock i might just make my own i work with an english chap he was on the team that built the hugo boss boat and he has a vac pump and knows his carbon i got 3 pices 54 inches by 14 and one pice same size kevlar for 60 bucks so hopefully theirs enough for 1 hull 1 deck rudder keel and the mast i dont think i have enough for the mast to so i made a mold off the hull just working on taking a mold of the deck the rudder and keel are just waiting to take a mold off and im just thinking on how to make a bulb im thinking of making a mold for the bulb and just filling it with led shot and epoxy and i cant find a goosneck so i guess all make one or all start ordering parts on the net

hay guys well i got the keel on my crusing hull and im starting on sails not sure how it will work any tips on sail making would be great

well it took awhile but i got the crusing hull sailing :cool: the sails were a little tricky but i sowed them up and put carbon fiber battions in the mainsail

video sailing on the bay 10 to 15 knot winds http://