New build ideas , advice required.

Well after several years in powered rc I have decided to build an rc land yacht, I have never sailed before so advice on this will be massively appreciated.

I like to go big on these types of projects so I’m thinking 1.5 metre mast or bigger :-D.

I’m not great at woodwork so I am considering a tubluar aluminium welded chassis with a carbon fibre receiver compartment. Will the weight cause massive issues on a yacht this size ?

The whole thing needs to come apart to fit in a small car so will be bolt together on site.

I don’t have much flat areas near to me that arnt grass fields so was thinking about using 1:8th off road tyres instead of skate wheels , these are still light and I can use the axels so they will also be using bearings so will be free running . I’m gonna use dual steering servos as the front wheel could take a beating during heavy wind and rough ground.

The Mast is my first stumbling block, where do I attach it to the chassis. Is there an optimum positionsnf what do i make it out of , Also where can I get sail materials in the uk or can I use any lightweight wind proof material ?

Do I need a strong servo for the sail? Or are standard servos ok?

One of my friends was very much into land sailing as well as water sailing and had competed out west here in USA on a dry lake bed. Unfortunately he has passed away and I am not sure if any others read this forum. Please do a search here for “land yacht” and you will find some detail info. Otherwise contact the Land Sailing Association and they will definitely give you needed pointers and answers.