new boat some questions

Hi, Guys
I have my new boat up and running but have one or two question that i would like to find an answer to…
first, the mast is in two parts, as per manual, should i glue the two pieces together to make the main mast one complete rigid mast.
second, at the top of the mast the vane where the back stay is attached can rotate, should this be glued in as well.

thanks in advance

First - yes, you should glue both parts together. Do it while fastening the mast against two tubes with some elastics. This way you ensure it’s straight. You may want to use some filler glue like epoxy.
Second - that piece on top of the mast is the “mast crane”. I assume the back stay is fixed to its end? It should not rotate at all. Also fix it in place.

It would not hurt if you tell us what kind of boat you bought… just to be sure any advice you get is correct and tailored for your boat…

thank you for you reply, the boat i have is, Helion Aura 650 Sailboat, it may not be the best but im going to try and get results out of it within my local club,

Never seen that boat before, but looks to be designed to RG65 class rules… Difficult to know without measuring it…

In any case, from the pictures I found and the product page , it looks like it would need some mods to make it work perfectly. Some I can list from the pictures are:

  • make the vang adjustable (you can buy the one supplied for the DF65)
  • change the closed-loop sheeting system by a open-one with elastic (much more reliable). Sheet comes from the drum to the outside, to the transom and then back and is attached near the bow with a 15-20cm elastic - this elastic keeps the tension so that sheet does not fall off the drum. No drum cover needed.
  • completely change the way to rig the sails. Look for instructions for a RG65 sailboat. No topping lift for main boom. Forestay should run through the inside of the jib. Both sails should have adjustable cunningham and outhaul. etc.
  • probably change the stock sails for better ones (they look badly shaped in all those pictures)

In any case, start by making it sail, then go to local club and ask for advice… then change one thing at a time and learn to sail better each time. This is a great hobby, no model crashes, and plenty running time with a single battery charge. Have fun!

As already mentioned in your previous introduction tread, for me is too heavy with 1350g and cannot be expected otherwise since the body is made with ABS. The Hull form is probably a bit too large compared with the actual designs, see sketch. The bulb is declared to be Zinc with 7.14 g/cm3 against Lead with 11.34g/cm3.
I concurs with the Thomas observations.
ABS is also very fragile against UV rays.
Same price as for Dragon Fly being narrower but with similar construction method :

thanks for all your input, by coincident almost all the mods you have suggested i have already done, the one thats not been achieved to date is to replace the sails, this is ongoing at the moment. as to the speed on the water i have managed to well on the practice days at my club.

Hi, Guys
Hope your sailing is going well, im in my first season of racing, im not hoping for too much, but im learning, To the point then, the yacht i purchased for the RG65 class {aura650} has proven to be not very competative even after having a set of new racing sails made, so ive purchased a DragonForce 65, so im now wondering could i trim down aura650 sails to the DF sail spec,and still expect to have performance from them

Tucker, from your prior posts, I get the impression that your club is not strictly racing the one-design DF. If that is true, then I suggest you try the sails as they are first…they may work just fine. If not, then trimming to DF profile is the thing to try.

Good luck with your boat…Bill

hi, Bill
you guess correct, there seems to be quite a mix of the 65 class yachts, im thinking by trimming the luff down to DF spec shouldnt be much of an issue but im a complete novice to sailing so always looking for guidance…