New boat possible new class

Victor Products has a new soling half meter kit. It looks interesting and I am planning on building one. Was wondering what others think of it.

looks interesting, thought about it but have my hands full with my M505.
The half Soling would fit into the M505 class with you modified the sails–one mast, one sail.

Can you post a link to the new kit?


check it:

I just finished building mine now have to paint it will get pics soon. It’s a nice little kit and easy to assemble.

We have now adopted proposed final rules which allow two types of rigs:
mono rigs----one mast, one sail
non-mono rigs—one mast, main and jib sails.

This should make the class more varied, and interesting.

I just started a new BETA VERSION yahoo user group, it mirrors our orig. 505 group. The Beta version is more complex than the standard yahoo group but, is loaded with interactive features that you will like.

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