New Boat on the Water


There is Bedlam in these parts (mainly because my new boat is on the water;-).

After about 12 hulls and 7 completed boats, I finally have a completely self-designed and built boat that I’m happy with. She’s not the sleekest or the fastest (or the most water proof:-P) but she’s a kick in the pants to sail. Well balanced in winds that go from drifters to 15 knots, the only problem so far is I haven’t rigged up my rather sizable jib for trimming so I don’t have full power off the wind.

Anyway, next project is the next evolution in my LSD (Long Skinny Deep) 36-600s. My previous boat, Omen, taught me a lot about these types of hulls, so this one is gonna be a little wider on the deck (5") and a little narrower on the bottom (3.5") but still carry the pick-axe keel and matte black finish that made the omen so beastly.

Due to the rather aggressive dimensions of this boat and the fact I’m never happy unless I’m taking a moonshot on these boats, I’m gonna try building a uni-rig with wood! This boat is gonna be a beast with a sailplan to match, and since my winch arm is only going to be about 4" long, I’m gonna need as much balance on my rig as I can get.

HAHA, I must be crazy, but so far things have turned out well, and I have a little experience with rotating rigs, so I’ll have some fun.

I love the sight of a black hull slicing through the chop on Creve Coeur Lake with my shroud-booms parallel to the water.

Bedlam is fast, fun, and pretty, but there is something in me that really appreciates the grotesque excesses that my Frankenstein 36-600 machines possess.


Hope everyone has better wind than I had last saturday (although friday was awfully nice!)

Take it easy


C’mon then what about a picky’ then?[:D]

Well, I do actually have a few pics, but they were all taken in a drifter:-P

I can get a few hull shots and other up close pics, but I might need some help getting them up here, as I am notorious for my ability to not get files loaded properly.


And now, assuming I have done this right (and we all know what happens when one assumes…), I present my newest creation:


Oh, and I’m just curious, what exactly is reasonable size for pics?



Download Attachment: [ BedlamSide.JPG]( Walker/2005428191019_BedlamSide.JPG)

Ah ha A hard chine crank! Well done. Like the British racing green. Lots of original thought, keep up the good work!

nice looking one off, how did you figure the amount of balast and keel location, get her out on a heavy day and bet she will scream along,

Nice boat… but take a look at
Looks a lot like yours.

Take a look at the drawings in the pdf file: ->
The document is in dutch, but i think the drawings speek for themselves.


Well folks, I have returned from falling off the earth (and by falling off the earth, I mean going to New Mexico. It was a lot of fun, but vacation leaves little time for this sort of thing.)


How did I place the keel and get the amount of lead? The mojo factor.

I really do very little math on these boats, so it’s basically what looks right is probably right. This seems to work when you have a design similar to others you have built.

As for the keel position, I typically keep that in about the middle of the hull (in profile), and usually come out with the center of the keel a little behind amidships. I try and keep the bulb centered on the keel and so putting it a little back from amidships keeps the boat floating level (the back end is a little more voluminous than the front end on my boats).

As for heavy air speed, she’s got it in a major way. Light wind she’s surprisingly responsive, but she’s definitely a big wind boat.

Zwarte Magica MM878-

You are right about that. A couple of differences that I noticed: that design certainly seems to have a “fancier” rig (although it is probably more efficient than mine) and it looked like those boats also have a pentagonal (deck, topsides, and two-piece V-bottom) as opposed to my box construction.

Also, if there built with fiberglass, that’s light years ahead of my boats (all balsa). I find if you use 1/8" balsa, it has plenty of strength without using glass.

Anyway, it’s good to be back!



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