New AC Design


didja find that link on sailinganarchy? they sure are big… can someone explain what the point of the massivly reversed bow is? i mean the weight savings cannot be that good…:graduate:

I think it helps with pointing, keeping the bow carving through waves rather than over them. Think A-class cats with Wave piercing bows, only modified for a monohull. It will also allow the jib to be cranked in further and closer to the deck, but I agree with you, I don’t know how big the gains will be.

It will also be interesting to see whether they continue with it AFTER they have a client. I suspect that may be the major gain.

I don’t… I don’t like that thing at all. It looks like crap to me. Oh well, Bernie Ecclestone cancelled the USA Grand Prix, now this…:mad:

The times they are a changin. The US Gran Prix is unfortunate, but for the AC boats, this too will look normal after a bit. I know there must have been def. opposition when they left the 12 meter era and then raced those crazy boats (S&S Cat, and “THE BIG BOAT”) in the 80’s. I just felt the current design was getting stale, even though the boats were fast, they didn’t (to me) offer a ton of excitement. Another thing is, I def. won’t trust that is really going to happen until I see one floating on real water with sponsorship logos all over it. I have seen so many beautiful boats that have been Rendered on a computer, but never get built, so there is hope for you.