New 1M tri

Attached a picture of my new 1M trimaran. This is a prototype and has ended up heavier than I would have like (2Kilos on the water).

Currently remoulding it to get the weight out of it as I had made it out of random scraps/timber offcuts just to test out the hull shapes.
Next one will be all carbon and probably losing about 1/2 a kilo from the all up weight.

Good fun to sail, will post pics when I’ve taken some better ones…



thats a good looking boat Mike.

How about an 800mm multihull?
Check out this link to the Kiwitalk website where you can in turn link to a video of these little craft doing their thing.:stuck_out_tongue:

I did think about going smaller, but the restraints on the size as far as I was concerned were getting it in the car in one piece without having to break down the hulls/beams. The one piece construction will be stiffer and lighter.

Also, as the size goes down the radio gear remains a significant proportion of the boats all up weight so performance will suffer. Not to say that 800 looked slow mind!

looks great.

Aardy -

nice work on the 1 Meter boat. Looks great.

Tonite I started to experiment with rigs. My summer project of building PeaPods with coworkers is slowing a bit so while cleaning garage in anticipation of winter, I dropped the 36/600 PeaPod rig onto my “IMPULSE” design prototype MultiONE trimaran.

I found a few changes are in order and I need to modify the rig slightly, and perhaps fabricate a new jib club/boom since the PeaPod has a shorter jib foot dimension than the original jib for the trimaran. Also I can remove backstay as it isn’t needed, and putting the PeaPod rig on the MultiONE meets the desired intentions of allowing most 1 Meter monohull rigs to be used on the multihull platform.

While the PeaPod is a 36 inch long by 600 square inches of sail area monohull, using the AMYA method of measuring the sail, mine is approximately 920 square inches - just shy of the 1100 square inch maximum allowed by the class. For those with extra rigs available, you might want to consider a winter build of a 1 Meter trimaran “platform” and get a use out of the extra set of sails you may have laying about.

Here is a shot of the MultiONE with the PeaPod rig and sails - now a “dual-purpose” machine ! And yes - it is running a “boomerang boom” which has it’s own (top secret) technical merits.