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Hello all!

Just got my new vistor-model america 24" 2 weeks ago but still unable to build it. I’m having a hard time finding some needed materials since most hobby shops here in the Philippines carries limited brand (mostly tamiyas) I’m having problems particularly on the glues. I connot seem to find a good substitute for TESTORS PLASTIC CEMENT which the manual suggests Maybe any body can help me on this.

And also, if you have building tips it will be very much appreciated.


Welcome to the wonderful world of RC sailing! I do not own a 24" Victor boat, but am building a one meter America3 Victor Model. I don’t know if the construction is similar on both sizes, but I would recommend that you drop by the Victor Cup Class discussion forum and see if you can pick up some tips there… I have a hunch that construction of your boat is very similar to the one meter models. the url is:

The group, like I said is primarily focused on the one meter models, but you may find some ideas that are of interest, or someone who has substituted the Testors Cement (I was fortunate enough to be able to locate that here in the US) with something else. There is a nice construction PDF file that Dick Lemke created for the construction of IL Moro, so perhaps that will help you as well. Come on over and we’ll see what that group can do for you.


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dick / nacra

thanks for your help!

i dont know if this will help but i own an austrilia II yacth from victor. for 4 yrs now i have been running it, and all i used was epoxy. the 5 minute kind. just take a piece 220 grit sandpaper and rough up the area you want to glue. then used to epoxy. by boat has not had a problem and it is fun to sail. you will have alot of fun congrats

Hi dyopps & couger
I got 24" Kyosho Fortune 612 RTS the same length as yours.
Would you mind telling me details of yours? I try to improve her to sail faster than now.

-Jib & Main boom …material & equipment
-What Jib&main boom angle for her in tide wind?

You can see her picture at

thanks for your help


hi joey
I dont have a 612. but was looking at getting one.they look like the real thing. but a bit on the small size. to work in the water i have around here. how do you find it? is it fast in heavy seas. waves about 1" to 2" and wind speed around 10 knt?

Testors is nothing but ‘model glue’. If you have a local store that sells plastic scale models, they probably sell cement for them, too. Testors is used for cementing styrene plastic - what most scale kits are molded from.

Styrene can usually be glued with ABS glue - available in hardware stores for gluing ABS plumbing pipes. If you can’t find, epoxy should work as should CA (superglue). Test first!!! I have a hull that looks and acts like styrere - but it isn’t!!! And Testors doesn’t work on it.

Tip - try for supplies (Singapore). They’re fast and cheap and sort of ‘local’ for you.

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