I am looking for a set of plans to build a one meter and or 36/600. I havent decided which size I want to go with. I plan on sculpting the hull out of automotive sculpting clay and laying a hull up in FG or CF. Also, Where can I get a rough keel bulb for this boat. I have seen some of the amya jpg files but would prefer more accurate plans if possible.

The AMYA jpg files are simply a set of thumbnail drawings (or reduced drawings) to give you an idea of the final shape of hull in order to make a choice. Spend the $3.00 or so and grab a set from AMYA. Verify plan size with an email to Jim LInville, Class Secretary, if you are concerned how large and accurate they are. <font size=“1”>[As I recall - the drawings you purchase are full size so you can attach the station templates directly to your wood and start cutting.]</font id=“size1”>

If you are planning to build a boat, trust me - you will spend a lot more than the minimal charge for the plan drawings, in building, finishing and rigging the boat. Consider that most plans run from $3.00 to $15.00 and the value of the boat when done will be at least $400 or so depending on design chosen and workmanship. Thus — the cost for a good set of line drawings is a very small percent of the total cost of the boat!

But - since you <u>are</u> cost concious, go back to the AMYA web site and download a complete set of CONSTRUCTION HINTS and TIPS from the US 1 Meter site (it’s free !!!) They are general instructions and information, but valid as basic information regardless what class you build - and they can be used if you decide to make a 2 or 3 hull multihull too.

welcome to the wonderfull world of sailing. i started just like you. if you look into some model magazines like marine modler international. they sometimes come with full size plans. that is where i got my first set. (rythmm) if you have a printer. they have plans on the net for triple crown. and on the amya site . you can get advance, orca, mistral, and there is one other. like dick said. i would downlaod the amya manual. it will help you HUGE. i even found some good stuff there. why dont you talk to me. jeff( alberta clipper). jeff just started and now he is a building machine. 3 months ago. he told me he could not even plank. but now he has 2 boats. we can help just ask
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Just for the record
US1M two hulls built one almost ready for the water, both are Mistral Hulls
IOM Triple crown ok this is getting fiberglassed next weekend

The US1M manual is great few areas could be better in it but as Cougar said, Lots of help here so just ask.

Oh forgot to mention I am working on a set of rough plans that I got for the Delawana schooner. So this and maybe another schooner will be the winter projects. (Hint Hint)
Already have cut up the red cedar for the hulls and have some yellow cedar that I am planning to use for the decks.

Damn you Cougar for telling me I can plank a hull and that it is easy. GRRRRRRRRRRRR hahahah


thanks for the help. This will be my 5th sailboat. I just want something more competetive at the lake. By using clay The design may be more open to advanced shapes.
Im thinking of starting with the mistral and tuning her to some of the new hull trends. I can usually model a hull and mold it in a few days so changing a clay model may be the fastest way to improve design. I will post a demo on my process in the coming weeks.If anyone has a better starting point, Email me and maybe we can work something out.


<blockquote id=“quote”><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Arial, Helvetica” id=“quote”>quote:<hr height=“1” noshade id=“quote”>Already have cut up the red cedar for the hulls and have some yellow cedar that I am planning to use for the decks.

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I’d better get my schooner done first so it doesn’t look like I’m copying you.

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Hi. I got my plans from a book called “Fast Sailing Ships” by David MacGregor. Its a book that has more or less complete hull and sail plans for a good many ships from the age of ocean sailing trade / fishing. (i.e. cutty sark, the Bluenose, the thermopylae).

I found this book at my university library, and made a hull from one of the plans found therein. The plans are small, but I blew them up on 11x17" paper at a copy-shop in town. I’m sure that you could get it delivered to your local library if they don’t have it.