I have an RG-65 /IOM sailor coming in from Chile and he would like to buy parts for IOM class to take back home with him at end of his business trip.

Will be there November 14 to 21 - and he found Midwest Model Yachting will be closed most of November.

Does anyone have any contacts in the Philadelphia area - area or are there any retail dealers that carry parts that they would ship to his hotel?

He is looking for:
mainly i need 12.7mm o.d. and 0.7 thick wall, aluminum tube masts. 10mm o.d. o.7mm thick wall main and jibe booms, sailsetc boomvangs, deck fittings, pekabe or similar blocks, rubber grommets, hooks,eyebolts, bowsies, etc. all for our 1 meter ULY sailboats, a sub category within IOm, a one design one for southamerica. I was already dreaming with a rgm sail winch.

Please PM or email him directly. His “screen name” is tatolazo so visit the members list and click on “T” to get to his personal profile. Thanks for any help - unfortunately, I don’t have any personal contacts out there.

Dick Lemke

Hi all:

Thanks Dick for your post. I apprecciate a lot your help.
lately it seems that the trip will be delayed a little, and last a little more, so “may be” I could stay there enought time to order from Midwestmodelyachting wich seems to have the most complete variety in rigging and running fittings.

Anyway, I will try to find some hobby shop around, but usually they are not dedicated to sailboats only, so fittings available are commonly dubro and proctor ones.

If you have any valuable info about where to order from, will be great for me
– and a dozen of pals that every five minutes are calling to ask me to bring them back more and more R/C sailboats stuff. ( i am planning to buy 2 new big cases to fill up up there!!) – jeje

At his time, i think I have to get 15 mast and 30 booms and their rigging fittins, also running stuff for 10 one meter sailboats!!!

Thanks in advance.

tato lazo