need a good name for my boat

ok people
I am building kite. I am canadain, and I am male. So i was thinking of calling this boat hoser, but then i found this picture. what do you think?

Yes Mate, I think “STRANGE BREW” would be a good name.:spin:

Or how about “STRANGE CREW”? :batman:
Maybe something derived from “KITE”…?
High Flyer,
Canuck Kite,
Rocky Mountain High,

The mind boggles at the vastness of the void to fill with clever and smartarse names.
Cougar do you realise the can of worms you have opened here?:crazy:

Well done mate.


Go Ian!

As an idea I got my last IOM number first - got to have 666 so called boat FUGLY DEVIL - obvious play as I think it is real ugly and the number finished the rest.

One of me EC12’s plays on my old business name as I was a fire installer and chimney sweep so called it Swept Away. Other 12 had a ketch rig on it when purchased so call it Ketch me if u can.

The options are unlimted:spin: :spin: :spin:

i know what i did. but this is why i did it. I call boats that i dont design funny names. I have an epoch ( snoopy) rythymnn( slow poke), victoria( queen of the pond, or now just queeny). this is kite. and i kinda of like strange brew. after all as dan pionted out. we canuacks are a strange breed. we take this far to seroius. and this is my way of letting of the pressure. who is going to be afriad of “strange brew” untill it is in front of you. lol:spin:
so keep em coming. no starnge name well be turned away. only keep it sensable. no profantiy. or sexual condituct.:jap:
i was thinking of calling it “wind of beaver” but nahh to hookky
maybe canadian bacon?
btw dick ,knows how nuts us canadains can be
we throw rocks at houses. and we are good at it:sly:

How about.

OK Cougar - you asked for it … (the “rock” being thrown) … here it comes. :razz:

:idea_125: If you are looking to make a statement, and even though it is a Montana beer, a great name for “YOUR” boat would be “Moose Drool” (you could add “Canadian” in front).

It is a fun name, it conjurs up a vivid image in most people’s minds, and best of all, it can become a team name … as in “Moose Drool Racing Team” - because you can purchase a T-shirt or cap to go along with the gag!

I suppose you could take the image, create a water-slide decal for each side of the hull and each side of the main sail too !
Cheers, Diki ! :zbeer:

Just in case you want to use it - here is a graphic I did for you !


If I remember correctly, didn?t your father work for Avro?

So how about





I can’t think of a name suggestion for your boat as it is hard to beat ‘Moose Drool’. I did want to ask you how the Kite was coming along. Have you had it out for sea trials yet or is it still being built up? I have placed an order for a Kite and am looking forward to sailing it.

You musta named your boat by now. But if not, have you been to this BOAT NAME site?


well for all those who have been on the edge of your seats. and you know who you are. the name has been picked. the winner is( drum rolled please)
now for most of you out here. rent the movie “strange brew” and you will understand the name. it is a proud term we use to repsect each other. like the americans. who called themselves “yanks” we are hosier.
now moose droll did have its apeal. but moose is an animal that is powerfull yet is not that fast. you ask any hosier . what he has done when he brings his gf home late( like around 3am) he runs fast when her father has a gun and is realy ticked
hosier can run real fast:zbeer: