Nearly finished first Razor

fun this boat building. I started a mini 40 catamaran several weeks ago but had lots of difficulty getting some good hulls moulded.

I saw the footy project and decided i’d get some model yaching experiance by building somthing easier. Build went pretty quick, but made lots of mistakes on the way. Havent sailed her yet as I still need a transmitter and reciever, but hopefully I’ll win an ebay auction for these sometime soon.

My footy mistakes were.

Balsa too thin.
Bottom two hull pieces not straight.
Weak in places.
Bought wrong servo (3001 indirect drive) for rudder. It’ll work but could have done better.

Nice job for your first Razor.

Doesn’t matter if you make mistakes, you learn from it. Go ahead and sail it.
The greatest joy is that you know that you built it!!! From a pile of flat wood and sticks.

The next Footy you build will be even better.

Have you joined our Footy user group??

Looks great. You ought to register it with the class association (see Official Footy Web Site in this forum) and put yourself on the Footy Frappr map (see sticky) at the top of this section.

Both are free and are starting to male it much more fun to own a Footy.

Best of luck.

Thanks for the encouragement,

I haven’t signed up to any other groups.

I’m, located in Guildford (UK), but i’ll put down my co-ords.

Might get the friday night kids club I help out at building these for their arts and crafts week.

Other mistakes were:

Things off the front and back are on the top of the deck (looks crap) and not straight.
No mast box as such. thought I was being clever with the sliding stick fixed in place by the bolt in the front but actually it would be held in place with the string from the top of the mast.
Rudder mechanism is rubbish
Sail is just one sheet of plastic waterproof cloth (no draft)

If you don’t know Roger Stollery, you should contact him. I’m not sure exactly where he lives but he sails from Guildford Model Yacht Colub. He’s a very well known model yacht designer and very much into Footies as projects for kids.

I’m the UK Footy Class Registrar and you can contact me through the Register page of the Official Footy Class Website.

What you are doing is very much in line with the way I think we should be getting the class to grow in the UK and I will do anything I can to help.

Get to it! :slight_smile:


so i never contacted Roger I may do this when I come back from my hols to HK which should be around Christmas time.

I found a model boat pond nearby which is about 3ft deep and has access from all sides. However the wind has quite a few tricks it plays in this enclosed space.

my frist sail I was in such a hurry I did this with out a jib.
the main was also much too large for keel blub (a roll of pennies)
the boat didnt so much sail as get blown downwind. It would tip over is the sail was close haulled and right its self (just about) if the sail was let out.
It took on a lot of water (entire hull flooded) and I had to get in to fish her out at least once.

second try.
I cut the main down a bit and put extra weight on the keel. same differnece

third try.
I cut the mast shorter when I found out the jib was only supposed to be 305mm + 305mm high
more weight on the keel (one of those lead sea weights for fishing) must be over 7kg or is it 7g, cant remember as the number was filed off.
also I completed the jib and put a bit more draft in the sails by pinching the edges and taping the crease in places.
it sailed but was still letting in some water.
also it wouldnt sail upwind very well I could beat but I would wind up and further down the pond.
the sails didnt change their shape very well if at all when tacking / gibeing sp?
the rudder didnt have a lot of travel 20-30 degrees
sometimes the boat wouldn’t turn the way I wanted and would just stop. Got her going again by pumping the sail and changing direction, often it was easier to gybe than tack.
she also pulled downwind and I had to have the rudder pretty far over just to her her going straight.

fourth try.
I realised my sail cloth was much too heavy. I saw someones on board cam on you tube and heard the sails russeling like tracing paper.
I re-did my sails using a tickish plastic carrier bag, think Debenhams / BHS.
I put draft in the sail by stretching it with my fingers around the middle of the sail.
I also re-did the rigging as I was close hauled with the servo arm pointing across the boat, now I am close hauled with the arm pointing down.
after 40 minutes there was about a table spoon of water inside.
problem was all this water constantly getting inside was loosening the PVA glue joins.
It sailed much better than before but still seemed a little slow. often chaging the angle of the sail had little effect it either went or it didn’t, a couple of times she sailed quickly.
I could sail her upwind a little, but not at a very high angle.
I regretted chopping off the mast as with the lighter sails and heavier keel bulb I felt I could have done with more sail.

Thoughts for the future.

It looked like she was sitting a bit low at the back and high at the front. Maybe thats just how razors look. I could have shifted the keel further up but I didnt want to as I was worried that as soon as I got her going properly she would look fine.

I could proably have taken the bulb to 5kg with the lighter sails. Will the heavy bulb be slowing me down?

Anyway I will have to wait a while before I get going again as my hull panels really are coming apart now as the PCA was getting in worse and worse shape. Also I dropped it on my workmate and put a hole in the hull. So I need a new hull, plus I need to waterproof the inside next time.

My lines were made of sailing wipping twine, very strong, but maybe a little too thick for the sails as the mail looks like it wont flip over easily enough.

I am curreny thinging of trying a paper mache hull, and shaping a plug by hand. Maybe copying Anguses latest design. however It’ll have to wait til I’m back form my trip.