Nautic 12

Thought it was a good idea to start a thread devoted to this new class.
Edit:… Well it seems the class developers are not going to post any information so I wll post only that which has been made public so far by others.
Go for it!

I think I missed something. Anybody care to clue me into what this class is?



This was posted by Steve Crewes about the Nautic 12.
I will try to get the developers to tell you more.
"Coug with this boat comes the back up like: you get a book telling you about the boat. All the rating rules diagram pictures on making all the Booms, Mast,rig measurements, what the deck layout should look like. How to measure your one-design to see it is up to what it should be. For it is all there.

The book has a picture of Challenge 12 and A2 match racing on the cover. In someways the book has too much info in it but anyone who lived in the backblocks could have one of these boats and be sure they have a model of A2 to sail with. On top of this there is back-up byTriple Y Models with T-shirts, etc with the Nautic 12 logo on them.

This might sound like I’m doing something else than telling you but rarely does a model yacht come along with back-up like this for the average modeller, like me.

Steve " End quote

Photos as posted elsewhere.

Rustys Post has been moved to Problems/Comments. This was done so that I could help him to get the document uploaded.


thanks Chad that info quite good:jump2:

nautic 12 :hammer:


that sure looks like the old POPUP 12, what are the dimensions on your boat?

Hi Larry.
I do not own one of the Nautic 12 class. (yet)
My understanding is they are a similar size to an EC12, perhaps a couple of inches longer.
I would rather the fellows who are developing the class would come on here and fill in all the details.
I can tell you they are not from the POPUP stable.
The last time I tried to be helpfull I got a smack on the wrist.
Nev…where are you mate?

Larry, Just found this from Rusty. All questions should be directed to him please.

I am sure all will be revealed eventually.
They just do not want to go off half cocked as has happened before with some new classes.

Hi Ian,

I understand what you mean in all cases listed above… hehehe… I am glad to hear that it is not from that same old hull. The problem of course with modeling is that if everyone does perfect work, in a perfect world, and makes a model of the same real boat, then all the models end up being extremely close in dimensions… particularly when only viewing an image.

No doubt the boat will be a strong performer.


nautic 12 powered up

Rusty , why is that red stripe on that Nautic 12 for. Did someone cut their finger putting the deck on?

It sure is a beautifull boat and the turning ability has to be seen to be believed.

I was reading a book recently where it said that Aussie 11 and Challenge 12 were exactly the same hull except the keel was different. Could your NAUTIC 12 have a alternate keel?


steve frank was in mourning after the footy score and cut his finger,No true reason is chinese glasses.Yes im sure a diffrent keel could be used,but on the results we are getting now why bother its fun chasing r/ms down the lake,
sailing this morning the Nautic was surfing in
20 plus knots A rig :zbeer:

Rusty , funny you should mention that but the same thing happened in Sydney Harbour the other day . And the supprising thing is that the M sailors were flabbergastered,thought they had picked up or found a stray “other one” from somewhere floating past by mistake.

I wouldn’t mind betting that these Aussie 11 would go as a 10 rater as well. They certainly have the performance to go. As you know it blows about 12 knots round our way. The stablity has to be seen to be believed.

Cougar Email me for that info on A2


steve we have been talking about de-tachable fins -
challenge 12 type but as bob said we are up with the r/m so we are reluctant to change ,manouverablty & speed in 20knots is hard to believe Leadfoot

good days

Listen Pal , I have to break this to you slowly , your not going to win any beauty competitions , even steering a 12 metre.

So leadfoot, how did the boat show go?

I think I have got the answer to the mast fittings. I thought that the Bantok fittings might be the way if your mate can’t get up to speed.

Now seriously, Leadfoot the sales of this boat is taking off. I suggest that you put another price list on that Ballarat web page with your contact details. The inquiries are getting so I can’t keep up with it.


:banghead: steve a new web site will be online soon
www.nautic ,i wish you had not said that about frank,he is due some new glasses soon and it may come as shock,mind Frank was right about the boat he was steering,(just like an ec12)all over the place good to here about the orders flat out over here producing hulls.