National Authority Support ?

I would be curious to know what others think about the direction their National Authority has regarding the issue of racing, versus building, versus simply sailing.

Dick, There is no provision for the question, :mes:
“Does your National Authority provide NO support at all for anything?”
Perhaps this could be added, or am I just being particually grumpy this morning.

Ratz - can’t edit the poll - sorry Ian.

Duly noted however - that (seemingly) yours might seem to be - ahem - “lacking” in these respects.

The poll feature lacks some attributes to allow “partial” answers - or maybe answers but with explanation/comment.

My purpose in asking, is today I received my renewal verification for my membership in our authority, and within their brochure, they seem to “indicate” they are not oriented around racing only - but in looking back at past years, I can find (other than the Vintage Group) little if any effort at general sailing. One could also say that design ideas within and outside of a class seem to be very limited as well - but on good authority, I have heard that our IOM group would always allow a boat with new ideas to race and participate to see if the idea was helpful - or - just an idea.

On a positive note, our authroity does provide “space” where a non-class can promote itself, and provide information in the hopes of a possible growth to a recognized stature within the organization. On the negative side - an “Open Class” regatta is a one-day hoped for event that will less likely remain a desire only. Yes, there are individual clubs that go out of their way to try new things, but it is at a club level - not something that is put together country-wide. In recent years there have been new classes that have emerged, and some of the older ones seem to have gained new life. However, I really don’t see evidence where the national authority has ever sponsored a “One-Off” regatta - for those who would like to pace themselves against another. The question of why does a class flourish in one country, but not in another is out there for discussion. Why not a recognition at all levels of competition for the guy or gal that has the best finish in a homemade boat? Why ignore a person’s hard work and efforts if their boat only manages to finish in 5th or 6th place? Surely they have accomplished a lot more by their design and building efforts than the person who simply has a fat bank-roll? I always enjoyed seeing the recognition for the skipper who also built what he sails. Not because I am a builder - but because of the effort he has invested in his ideas. Just because there aren’t 20 people lining up to buy one of his boats doesn’t mean it isn’t worthy of recognition.

What do others think?

Hi Ian

using the available above to answer the question I would think the last statement is closest to our situation :mes: - esp if you are beyond those “infamous” hills to the north of us:witch:

Are you guys hinting, suggesting, saying that New Zealand doesn’t have any National Authority for r/c sailing - or is it rolled up under the big boat authority?

If no national authority - is there just a bunch of local folks who put on your national events if that is the class they happen to have an interest in? - or just the international classes only have nationals or … ?

WOW ! :blindfold

this could be interesting !the 2 populated areas
of sailing in NZ are divided by a range of hills
mythically larger than reality.periods of time the North(of the hills rule the national body)& the South despair,then the swing goes the other way.i think the swing is about to change to the south.the down side of the swing descends into apathy.The danger is the national body in in peril of hi-jack from ANY strong local club.but there again ANY strong local club must
have a strong following,and deserves reward for effort:help:

“Does your National Authority provide NO support at all for anything?”

I wanna tick that box too!!!

“the 2 populated areas of sailing in NZ are divided by a range of hills”

I would have to disagree Rusty - Auckland is in a deep dark valley out of which no information seems to be able to climb (there is a range of hills to the North of Auckland as well).

I am not sure that Dick really wants to see all New Zealand`s dirty laundary hung out on his poll thread for all the world to view. :verymad:

Perhaps it is time for a seperate thread here, or somewhere else, where the future of the model yacht sport in NZL can be debated, out in the open, in a responsible and gentlemanly manner. :zbeer:

I am happy to start that thread with some comments to seed the debate. :heart:

Please be gentle with me. :boxing:

Show me the thread:evil:

as far as the crya goes. it is getting better but for a long time. it was just there. it never pushed anything. let along racing. it seemed to me like a poor mans AMYA. now with lana butler at the controls. we seemed to be doing alittle better. I might even renew my membership. I am canadian yet for a long time i was a member of the amya. which would do nothing for me. sort of the same thing with the crya. If that is what you wanted to know. there it is. put in a nutshell. I am hoping the crya comes back and becomes something of a force behind Sailing. and for me, What I want? simple. i want an organization. that will help the first time sailor out. get him/her into the water. help them sail into the wind. help them find people to teach.
I will give you a real good example.
Cougar here has been sailing for 15 years. racing for 12 of them. went to a reggata where he met DAVE BOWES. now dave was sailing in a different class. BUT asual cougar cant keep his mouth shut. and goes over to talk to this stranger. WE talk for about 10 minutes and I realize this is the dave bowes that is the us 1 meter captian. Now i go to myself BIG deal I drive IOM. not puny us 1 meters. dave and i talked all day and i learn about sail tuning from a completely different piont. and my boat became faster. If i did not read the crya magazine. i would not have know dave bowes. i would not have spent all that time with him.
this is what i want form an organization. somebody to learn from. and i think we can all respect that. even us experts