Natalie Portman

I am looking at a photo in the Globe and Mail, Toronto, in a recent article about Natalie Portman, The picture shows her in the movie “The Other Woman”, which I have not seen. The point of interest here is that she is standing beside a Footy boat on a stand. The boat is sloop rigged, but with no sail number.
Can anyone enlighten me about this? Whose Footy? Does the film story involve a Footy?

Interesting, it certainly has Dennis D’s “Walrus Sails” and kinda looks a bit like one of his “American Footies”.

Do you know anything about the movie? Why is the Footy there?

That is an American Footy.

Haven’t seen the movie, although I did watch the trailer online. Best I can tell, it looks like her stepson in the movie is into R/C sailing. Looks like there’s a bit of sailing footage at a pond. Watch for yourself here

Big question is…is it worth it to sit through a “chick flick” like this for a few minutes worth of sailing footage?

I’d be happy to give her a more competitive boat :wink:


The locale is Central Park and the boats in the background are most likely IOMs, the class they sail there now. CPMYC has been the backdrop in a lot of movies, but the only celebrity that used to hang out at the club was Tracy Ullman because her son sailed a Fairwind I believe. Well, there was Mason Reese if he counts. He used to come by the club for years after his hot dog commercial on the side of the pond.

I started sailing in Central Park when I was ten, some 42 years ago. I don’t sail IOMs, I like to develop rig concepts and the IOM Class incorporates a one-design type sail/rig in its rules. No fun for me. I go down occasionally for open races but most of my sailing is out on Long Island now.