nArrow5 Performance Report

Hi all:

Just to report on my first racing experience with this RG65 hull, nArrow5 by Claudio Diolaiti - SIMPLY AMAZING.

Upwind the hull is fast. I could mostly keep up with Skinny’s and Stingers’s… slower only because my bad steering and my sails not being good enough to point as high… But I could outrun them by sailing just a notch lower… so basically equal. The hull is highly maneuverable, almost a little erratic at times with changes in wind - but in RG65 class this is a good thing: you need to steer the boat correctly to be fast, and having a easy-turning hull is good.

Downwind also good: I could see the hull piercing waves and accelerating quickly in gusts. Got past some Skinny’s this way. Everyone was surprised the boat does not nosedive as easily as you may think by looking at the very narrow bow. Also, if nosediving, hull keeps pointing in the same direction. I could see other boats, just meters away, nosediving and turning sharply into the wind, left behind by not following shorter path to downwind gate.

In general, a very good hull!

I am now convinced the boat should be light, as it is more important to use correct sail size (prevent nosedive) and to be correctly powered. So I’ll work on new sails for better power, and replace bulb with a lighter one (currently my keel is 720gr, for an overall displacement of about 970gr. Will aim for about 100gr less).

Overall results (18 out of 26 entries) only show how bad I am at picking up best spot on the starting line and best side of track upwind… Must say though that my driving skills around busy marks are MUCH better than before. Recovered plenty places by not getting into trouble. :wink:

I will add links to pictures and videos as they become available…

Well done - Claudio on the design and Tom on the build !

Glad to hear about.
Thanks to Thomas.

Thanks Claudio!

Chasing a Skinny:

Nice view, waiting for a short video on YouTube ?

I did not do video myself… and the videos made were uploaded to Facebook… (
Mostly overall shots, no actual sailing uploaded yet… will try to get hold on them.