Naming competition for new BAG (an IOM)

The url below links to some pictures of the newest model BAG under construction. This will have a beam of 221mm (#45 was 225mm) and should be sailing by the time #45 is sold.

Because the name BAG (which is actually an acronym of the designers) lacks a little something, we have decided that BAG BOATS will be the brand name and an item name will have to be chosen for the model.

We are thinking Mercury but we thought that it might be a good idea to leave it open for discussion. The winner will win a brand new set of professionaly made “A” rig sails (36 micron, clear), postage paid.

Naturally we are appealing to those with a sense of taste and decorum which rules out names starting with four letter words.

Ideally the name should link to other names as other models are developed. Mercury for example is a planet, but has the drawback that “Earth” - a hypothetical 3rd generation - doesn’t do much (for us anyway). And as for “Pluto”, well Disney has really spoilt it totally. And as some have already (NOT) suggested URANUS, well JUST DON’T GO THERE. Who named that planet anyway?

Send your suggestions to, or - if the moderator allows - put your 20 cents worth after this post.


Nick Lindsley

Nick Lindsley
Australia 0418 727-727
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Maybe Equinox is a good name for the boat. Here is a link with more info about Equinox:

Jeroen koeleman

Thanks Jeroen

Talk about coincidences. I was talking to a mate about a French sundial generator called “Shadows” just 24 hrs ago. I sent him some PDF outputs to him in the country (approx 27 15 South, 152 45 East) of some sundials for his neck of the woods.

Thanks for the suggestion. Is there a follow up name in the same vein?

Nick Lindsley
Australia 0418 727-727
Intl +61+418-727.727

[:D] I suppose the name “URANUS” probably won’t be considered? [:-angel]

Wasn’t EQUINOX the name given to the recently introduced sailboat from CLIMATE MODELS? [:-paperbag]

only you dick. would think about “uranus” oooops did i say that[:D]
i say “dance” then other versions could be called “tango, salsa, waltz. and just for nick : the funky chicken”
long live the cup and cris dickson[:D]

you could go with some species of animal with a lot of derivatives, say a cat: Lynx, Puma, Tiger, Lion, Leopard, or Cheetah (of course)…

or perhaps birds would do well: Condor, Falcon, Eagle, Hawk, or even Vulture (maybe not)…

if you go down the animal route, I would of course stay away from dog breeds… bad mojo.


I’d call it a “Simoon”. Which is another name for wind storm. Also known as Sirocco. :slight_smile:

you’ve got also the: Nadir, Equator, Zenith, Polaris, Orion, Azimut and more but i don’t know them all.


Spurred on by Cougar’s efforts, my “own” design IOM has made it off paper (or rather - computer) and has progressed over the weekend as far as cutting the shadows. In fitting with her future performance expectation I have shortlisted various names which I note here to ensure that they are not inadvertently taken. The current working title for the project is “Dog’s Breakfast”, but I’m also considering “Laughing Stock” and “Running Joke” and “Lead Balloon”.

I’m serious.

But for a boat of the calibre of the BAG, how about something with an Australian flavour. “Uluru” has iconic status, and you could develop the series with other Aussie icons. When flying Qantas, I’m sometimes on a jumbo named “Longreach” after the city. Sounds like a great name for an IOM.


Thanks for the respose everyone. Still a couple of weeks to go. A bird theme has been an idea for a while. I happen to think pink, grey and white an attractive combination. But the bird here that matches that description is a GALAH which is also (locally) the name for a fool. Still tempted. All suggs are being put in the file.

Aussie marine birds has been a top 10 idea for a while, Aboriginal nanes (even Uluru) are less well known outside Aus.


Nick Lindsley
Australia 0418 727-727
Intl +61+418-727.727

[:-cowboy]<font color=“limegreen”><font size=“3”>Giday Cobber!</font id=“size3”></font id=“limegreen”> Nick the only naming thread to use has to be associated with <font color=“purple”><font size=“2”>BAG`s</font id=“size2”></font id=“purple”>.
So the next model will be called SWAG, then others in the series to be Purse,Wallet,
Portmanto, Backpack, Daypack, Bumbag, Tuckerbag, Satchel, etc, you get the idea.
[:-paperbag]NED KELLY

Do it NOW before it`s too late.

it would be G’Day Cobber! IanHB

I see said the blind man to the crippled nudist who put his hands in his pockets & promptly walked away.

I’l give the naming comp another couple of weeks, print a list of the printable suggestions, go and see Jon, take a six pack, then make an executive decsion. We mightn’t choose any of them. So keep your suggestions coming (the prinatble ones that is)


Nick Lindsley
Australia 0418 727-727
Intl +61+418-727.727

whos leading?
long live the rup and cris dickson


Since you are going to retain the BAG name for the boatworks, maybe you should play off that. How about Ziplock or Hefty. Those certainly exude strength or at least water tightness.

And if you are going to associate your designs with the boatworks, then you have a few others to choose from like Brown Paper, Trash or Barf.

On a slightly more serious note, I have always liked using names out of Greek mythology. Sure, there are obvious ones like Zeus or Apollo. But there are also some more subtle ones like Circe, Io or Persephone that have a nice ring to them. I have always subscribed to the old convention that boats are “shes” so the female goddesses would be my first choice.

  • Will

Will Gorgen

How about names including the name BAG.
<font color=“blue”>DittyBag WindBag AirBag WaterBag BeanBag DirtBag SeaBag </font id=“blue”>

Or how about items found in a Bag.
<font color=“blue”>Popcorn Marbles Candy Money Prize </font id=“blue”>

That’s enough…I now have a brain cramp…[:-boggled]

Seawind #80


Don’t forget DoggieBag…

Will Gorgen

I like that name, especially if it does not sail quite as well as expected. [:-thumbd]

I didn’t want to post this one but I can’t stop snickering…<font color=“blue”>ColostomyBag</font id=“blue”>
Sorry I brought this post to a new low, but it had to be said.

Seawind #80

Why not “Terminator Class”

Powerful , packs a punch , the ability to blow anything off the water ~

If copyright is an issue , just tell arnie its a california based design and all your boat owners are registered voters=)

Pheonix ? phoenix is also another name i always liked ~ strong name ~ powerful image etc ~

Just my two cents worth.

Has the idea of relating to wind or weather conditions come up yet?


I think you get the idea.