Mystery Forum

This is going to be tough to explain. In the General Discussion there are four sub forums. Every once in a while Gen. Dis. will show a new subject which doesn’t appear in the sub forums. If you click on the “last post” you can read the message but that is the only way you can get to it. For example today the is the C.F. mast post in Gen. Dis. but if you click on Gen.Dis. all you get is the sub forums and the C.F. post isn’t in any of them. I hope you understand my drivel.

sorry but you completely lost me:hypnotize

So, you have troubles seeing the last post posted? is that right?

On the main page, if someone posted you should be able to see a yellowish icon (usually blue) in front of the “forum” “sub-forum”…

let me know…

O.K. I knew this would be tough. Try this tack.
How would you normally get to this post?

What heading is it under?
It is supposedly in “General Discussion” but the only thing under that are the three sub-forums and this post isn’t in any of them.

Ok, let me try…

I circled the 2 “yellowish” icon I talked about just before.

The big one means, that a new post was posted in Gen Dis, the other small one, means that the new post is in the sub forum.
Of course you could have all “icons” yellowish…meaning that a new post was posted in each sub forum and or in Gen Disc.

I wonder if I was somehow “clear”:spin:

Some other thing you can try, is subscribing to each forum…but it means receiving an email every time someone posts!! thats what I actually do.

Another idea, is checking this link:

Hope it helped

Nope. Lets try again. This may be a round about way of explaining myself. Lets say I want to read the “Marblehead Regatta in Ballarat” thread and nobody has posted to it in a couple of days. How do I find it? It’s not in any of the sub-forums. Where is it?

Stupid me. I went back and looked harder. I was clicking on Gen.Dis., seeing the four subs and being brain dead I never thought to scroll down. Feel free to delete this whole thread and me too. What an idiot.

“To ask may be a moment’s shame,but not to ask and remain ignorant is a lifelong shame”

Well Don , Your not the only one that is brain dead. We are all the same but we didn’t put up our hand and say who we were. Till now.