My Tri in Action

Trying out the new main and rig I made for my Mini40. Lakes cold in winter!

And a couple more.

And a vid.


Looks great. Maybe it was just me but i was watching the video and at the end was muttering “ease main… Ease main!..EASE D’OH!!!” At least its easier to get the little ones right way up again!

Excellent job


Well done - although if one can go swimming in “soft water” in the winter, and not break through the ice to do it - I find it difficult to call it “winter” !!! :smiley:

Would it be possible for a few close-up detail shots for those currently building ( or considering building) a multihull? Specifically, your ideas for building the curved cross-beams - and methods of attaching them to both main and hull might prove inspirational for those who are at that point of design or build.

Again - well done!

With regards to easing main, I was showing off for the camera, and as you can see, it went over very quick at the end. I have a terrible set up for the sheeting, which is very slow. And after surviving the fist nosedive, I was a bit overconfident about powering up again.

Dick, i can take some detail shots of the boat if people want. I didn’t build the boat, I bought it on Ebay. The hulls are nicely built, but in general the setup is fairly ‘agricultural’, i that everything is done in a basic (and I think ugly) manner.

I have plans for a fairly extensive rebuild at some stage. New beams, new rig and new deck on the main hull to set it up better. Probably a T Foil on the rudder too. and definately a smaller rig for over 6 knots of breeze!

I made the main just recently out of mylar draughting film, and after that sail, it now smells like duck sh*t!

Oh !

and I “thought” it was a new type of sail graphics ! I had those kind of marks on the sail of my old Force 5 dinghy ! heh, heh, heh :smiley:

Is the boat a converted “M Class” boat with Snapdragon floats - or don’t you know? Assume it was built “down under” - understand that Hoj’s “NIGHTMARE” (F-48 sail #5) is on it’s way (or soon to be) to Australia too. Good show !

I understand the boat is a snapdragon design.

The rig does not conform to class rules of any kind, I just made a very large main, as the ‘on edge’ and hull flying sailing is what I enjoy. not a sensible sized rig, just a big one.

She is a heavy boat, and just a toy for me. There is a chance i could be moving to queensland, where I understand there is a few multis around. Might have to make a class legal rig to and get the opportnity to follow someone around the course…(can’t see it being competitive to race)

As suggested by Dick, here are a couple of shots of the beams and beam connections. It is a fairly simple connection, but I thik pretty ugly. I would like to replace the beams at some stage, and hopefully before the carbon and aluminium in these ones reacts and they break down.

It is easy to assemble and diassemble the boat though, and both beams are identical. They are quite heavy though I believe.

Thank you for posting the pics. I agree with your assessment, although the “concept” makes some sense and if it were executed with a bit more “style and grace” wouldn’t be bad at all.

Almost looks like a case of either “hurry-up I want to go sailing” or a possible “loss of interest” - in either case a few hours of work and you could have it looking pretty nice.

Yep. The whole boat is similar in ‘style’ to the beams. The hulls are thankfully nice, but not much else is pretty.
How have you attached the beams on your multione?
I am after ideas for a nicer beam and nicer attachments, and much lighter.
I like the curved beam idea, as it keeps one hull out of the water all the time.

The beams on the MultiONE are straight carbon tube. I made up a short fiberglass tube that the carbon slides into. Each of the glass tubes (4) are mounted on the floats, they are faired in with epoxy, and the crossbeam slides into them. I used a picture/mirror hanging “doohickey” which is attached to wood plug in each end of cross beam. This allows me to connect a small (short) bridal wire. It forms an inverted “Y” shape - one from front tube, one from rear tube and long one down from mast. (See photo below)

For connection to main beam - I just made two plywood support brackets (3mm stuff) for the fron beam and only one support for the rear beam, and epoxied to exterior of hull and faired in. Drilled a very tight sized hole through both and cross beams are a friction fit. Because they are above the main hull - the beams are high enough so I didn’t have to bend them to keep windward float out of the water. Once the mast shrouds are attached and tight, it is pretty difficult for cross beams to move about.

Thanks Dick. Very tidy set up you have, and I’m sure something similar would be pretty ease to modify my boat to having as well.

Got any pics of yours in action?

Unfortunately - a good friend was so mezmerized, he forgot to video the action. By the time he walked about 1/2 mile around pond, I had dismantled and was ready to head home. The very first “float” resulted in unbelieveable action shots of high winds - spray, waves and whitecaps - NOT !!! As soon as I finished assembly, the wind turned off - so I was left with these “static” photos - notice big waves and whitecaps? :smiley:

Guy is still my friend and I had a few beers off him for his “ooops”. Right after that, I documented the first “good sail” - here under archives I think - and then had my mini-stroke. Haven’t had it out since, but it is about due.