My Thanks to All ...

… who contributed to the “Hull Design” thread

helped me clarify my thinking on the topic, and get a paper on the topic accepted to the Chesapeake Sailing Yacht Symposium:

(It references the thread, possibly a first for rcsailing :-))

I presented the paper Saturday afternoon to an audience full of some of the ost knowledgeable people in yacht design theory and practice and nobody stood up and said that the problem of balance had been solved, so the central mystery of Turner’s ideas (hydrostatic measure predicts hydrodynamic behavior) remains. A couple of grad students took copious notes so maybe we’ll learn more in a while :slight_smile:

Copies of the paper itself are available only from the Society and are expensive; there really isn’t much in the paper that isn’t in the thread. If you’d like a copy of my slides with notes (7.4 meg PDF), PM me and I’ll email one to you or snail mail a CD.



Awesome Earl!!!