My new sailing Pond.

Today was the first nice day, that I had time during lunch to go home and get my camera.

Here of some photos from the new lake/pond I will be sailing.

The brick building on the far side of the lake is where I work now. My lunch breaks this summer will hopefully be fun. [:-eyebrows] [:-eyebrows]

And Yes Wis I know I need to get a new camera, I?m working on it.[:-hspin]

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and you also need a BOAT LMAO [;)]


_/ if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it! _

Dear Wis, dear Dan Sherman,
I basically just wanted to demonstrate, that I’m really not the one with an unforgiving character, nor the one who looks for revenge. -

But to call me ‘obnoxious’, just because I fight back when deckard attacks me in a sarcastic manner, is a bit ‘heavy’ -
especially from a moderator! -

You may not agree to my point of view - cool - but in the whole discussion before, I have neither been antagonistic, nor hostile, nor unpolite. -

I just disagree with the viewpoint of the other persons.

And the consequences of their viewpoint is exactly what you - dansherman - showed on your pics -> empty ponds.

Think about it!

Best wishes, Ernst Zemann

Professional shipwright - boatbuilder/-designer with 27 years of experience and a special interest in multihulls

keep in mind MY local time…or it ll be DARK…now 3:20 pm


_/ if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it! _

Well Ernst,

I have owned a few boats two that you might have heard of are Soling 1m, and Victoria. I have recently retired my second Victoria from service, as she was getting old and warn out, as I was very fond of taking her out on days that would sometimes gust into the low 40 mph range.

Right now I?m working on a 3R that I designed myself using a program that I wrote myself.

Just as an FYI Ernst below are photos of a plug for a usom I started before I went to college.

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nice looking pond dan…have fun.

and ernst, please stop trolling…


I disagree with you, about how you conduct yourself on the forum. I believe the word I used to describe your actions is accurate. What I think you fail to realize is that in several of your posts, you make very degrading comments about large groups of members.

For example: ?If you can’t even draw it up, you won’t be able to build it either!?

This makes some members take a more hostile stance towards you, and other members ignore your post completely, neither of which is going to increase the acceptance of your ideas.

If you want to press the matter, feel free to e-mail me anytime, and we can continue this off line.

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This new work-place of yours, Does it have a Reception,a Canteen AND a Nicad recharging Area?.
JayDee. [:-pirate]


Yes and no: I would be able to use the facilities, but that?s only because I?m authorized to get through security. Even then security gets suspicious if you?re in and out of the building a lot in a short period of time.

However there is a nice hotel, several reasonably price restaurants, and a ton of fast food places within a mile of the pond. Now all I need to do is start a club and host a regatta.

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<font color=“green”>Dan,
I am green with Envy!!!</font id=“green”>


WoW nice looking pond!!!

cannot wait to see a few pictures with boats in them racing down the length (might shut someone up)

As for the photos of the us1m plug looks great also.


Seems to be a good pond for Multis also… You can access the shore from all sides - to recover the ship after flipping.[:-banghead]

Dear skifffy -
or any of the moderators! -

I do not know, what the word ‘trolling’ means! -

I have not found it in any dictionary either! -

How should I be able to stop something, if I don’t know, what you mean! -

To allege, to 'assume, I am ‘trolling’ - without any explanation, what my said-to-be incorrect behaviour is, doesn’t lead anywhere! -

So please explain it to me! -

Best wishes, Ernst Zemann

Professional shipwright - boatbuilder/-designer with 27 years of experience and a special interest in multihulls


even thou this thread is about Dans Pond, you can find a pretty good explanation of ‘trolling’ here:

I agree, this is a beautiful pond and
I have acknowledged Dan for having the opportunity to sail his boats on that beautiful pond. -

I also would LOVE to see pictures of Dan’s new 3R boat sailing on this pond - maybe even together with other boats! -

But - as I read the definitions of ‘trolling’ very thoroughly on the link you provided to us - it appears to me, that even telling:
“Hey - I would LOVE to sail my boat on that pond too!” -
Could be considered as ‘trolling’ by somebody! -

And that makes me frightened a bit -…-

Even each and every statement in the ‘other’ topic placed by YOU could have definitely been called ‘trolling’ regarding to these definitions! -
BUT nobody removed YOUR statements! -

WHY NOT??? -

So I need to ask myself - and the moderators, if I may - why lots of my own statements have been deleted because of said-to-be ‘trolling’, while your statements where allowed to stay there. -

From my point of view - and per the definitions of trolling in wikipedia - YOUR statements have been ‘trolling’ the topic created by me - not vice versa. -
And I NEVER have been ‘trolling’ any of YOUR TOPICS! -

Even Dan’s wording - as a moderator - appearently has to be called trolling per these definitions.-

You - Deckard - offended ME - not vice versa! -

My point of view regarding rc-multihulls may be neither popular not comfortable for the majority - but still well proofen by my own experience. -

To call me ‘obnoxious’ in public offended ME! -
I didn’t attack, criticise or invalidate Dan personally - but he DID - with NO REASON from my point of view! -
Before he hadn’t even been involved in the discussion -
nor did he participate to it in any way before!??? -
What did give him ANY right, to invalidate MY INTENTION? -

So I need to ask this HERE, as the ‘other’ topic was locked by WIS - and before I can continue to chat with Dan in a comfortable way about his new pond ->

Am I the ONLY TROLL here? -
Have you been trolling my topic ALSO? -
Must not be DAN’s wording considered to be ‘trolling’ too? -
Or Dick Lemke’s statements - just to pick anybody out of the discussion-partners in an arbitrary way? -

I’m looking for JUSTICE -nothing else! -

And furthermore - according to wikipedia definitions -
there are also GOOD TROLLS -
please read: “USEFULNESS OF TROLLING!” in there - and the vital question here must be,
if I should be considered a good troll or a bad troll - if I’m a TROLL at all -
and if YOU - DECKARD - are a good or bad troll! -
And Dan -
and Dick -
and JayDee -
and everybody else maybe? -

The facts are:
I have invited DAN per email to test the usefulness of my F48 trimaran float data sheet by himself - and I also invited you - DECKARD to share my experience, to visit me in Vienna to testsail my trimarans and to get any gain from my knowledge you may want to get! -

Now - am I the good, the bad or the ugly TROLL? -
The devils advocate or the gadfly on your bread-and-butter - or the helpful friend with an outstanding point of view. -

The Idealist, or Mr.Obnoxious? -

If this can be clarified to a satisfying point, then I really can wish Dan the best with his new boat on his new pond - I even would be willing to help him all the way through to have his own selfbuilt trimaran sailing on this pond, if he wants to. -

But Mr. Obnoxious wouldn’t be able to do that -
only the IDEALIST is able to! -

Think about it!

Best wishes, Ernst Zemann

Professional shipwright - boatbuilder/-designer with 27 years of experience and a special interest in multihulls