My new RG65 project the 'Siri'

I started a new RG65 shaping the hull with the help of Freeship this weekend.
Projected weight is 950grams with a bulb of 500g. The boat will have a beam of 145mm .
I will build in fiber glass and have started the plug already.

Here are the first pics

in the background you can see the prototype of my new ultrawide IOM skiff project (Maniac MK II)


Siri, I’m having problems reconciling the siz of the child in the first photo with a 65 cm hull:confused:

Obviously, he used a very small aperture (high f-stop number) to get a lot of depth of field. The child is much further away. I did a double take myself, at first. Note that the hull is up on a shelf and the child appears to be sitting on the ground.

thanks for explaining the pic’s perspective to Martin. The size is best to compare with the IOM in the background. When I look the pic now I also find the 65cm looks huge compared to my 2yr old son.

But it is a RG65 and definitely not this size


Meanwhile I have glassed the plug, next step will be fillering and sanding…


Well, it has been some time since I posted an update - I had been busy with my IOM Maniac MKII and my new Mini40 CAT projects. Last weekend I got the plug shaped and the prototype hull laminated.
I will build the prototype with a completely flat deck - A nice deck plug will be done after the sailing trials.

Here are some pictures of the raw plug and the first hull.

Hopefully the Siri will sail before New Year 2010.

Merry Christmas

I have made some progress on my Siri, the hull is fillered already, keel & mast box are set and the deck is cut out. Last night I have glued the deck to the hull and set the rudder post and rc-tray.

Keel & Mast box

Fillered hull with keel fin

hull & deck

Deck fitted to hull


The Siri’s hull is sanded and sprayed with primer, waiting the final paint job.

I will spray her yellow topcoat today in the evening


My ‘Siri’ has got her yellow shirt and waits R/C and rigging now.
This will be done today

Here are some pics of her current state


I wish all a Happy New Year 2010

Today in the morning I maidened my new Siri65. It was calm, nearly no wind, but she still sailed on. I’m happy with her performance in this light conditions and will start a nice deck for her soon. I hope I will get some deck design ideas from the RG65 sailors here.

Here is the first photo of the ‘Siri65’ in her element

Some more photos and a short video clip can be found at my site RCSails




A month has passed thinking about a nice deck for my Siri65 production boats - they will have a raised foredeck and a skiff style cockpit.
Here are the first pics from the raw plug, it still requires sanding and polishing before the female moulds can be made.

Cheers :slight_smile:

This week I have sanded and polished my Siri65 plug and laminated the moulds for hull and deck. The first moldings came off today in the morning, the first kits are going to be shipped next week. I will upload pictures of the moldings tonight or tomorrow morning and will start a Siri65 building thread at this place soon.


here is the first picture of the mouldings as I promised.

The picture shows the first set of mouldings and the female moulds with the second set still in the moulds


My Siri65 off my new molds has been launched yesterday. She sails greatl, look at the pictures and video clips st my Siri65 page

Siri65 in her element - boat overall weight is 1050g with a 600g keel