My New Marblhead

hey all…
started drawing my new marblehead back in may… on a challenge from a friend
it saw water in july…and was under power in sept…
i will post some pics on the build and when it was under way

couple of things you will notice…

  1. yes i am using IOM sails… with an IOM rig… simple reason… i have alot IOM rigs arounds… why not use it… I seem to be the only person in my club racing marbleheads… I can do whatever i want… when i do race my boat… I will use marblehead sails and rig
  2. The boat is my own design

It’s a nice looking boat. I thought that marbleheads were bigger than that though. What other boats do you own?

Ooo. Is that a Monarch that you built?

the first Marblehead i built was monarch… but this one… was i drew…
i took the over all legnth and rocker. then drew mine…
mine is alitte wider and deeper in the bow section… plus the rudder pivot point is futher aft…
this is a fun boat to drive and is fast…i am going to post some more pictures
sorry … but i like the idea… heheheh:-)

I got a fleet
2 us 1 meters
1 seawind
1 victoria ( sort of junked right now)
4 IOMs:graduate:
2 marbleheads:graduate:
1 footy ( my design which blows cant go forward even in 30 km gust)
1 cat… ( made from 2 wrecked IOM hulls i tried to mold. then just tied them together):graduate:
2 3 raters:graduate:

here are some more pictures of the marblehead.# 04 in Monarch the black boat… #33 the blue and white is Intimador

Wow! You must have an understanding wife.

hehehe… i got a good wife… and she has a dumb husband… when she ask… what do you want for your birthday ( we first started dating) i would say … sail winch. and this is where to get it.
or i would say for christmas… i would like a set of drawings. and a reciever. hence all the boats…
i am a simple guy. this is where she goes shopping…
also valentines day is get the same thing for the past 8 years … baseball year round . love my Detroit tigers…
my wife also owns 1 IOM and 1 us 1 meter( old ones from me… that i cannot touch any more)

just tell your loves ones… I would like a winch as one of the xmas presents and building supplies for birthday. then low and behold. a fleet is born…
only problem i have is storing the boats over the winter… I love in the GREAT WHITE NORTH

I had hoped to add an ODOM to my modest fleet so I could sail three days a month. Unfortunately, she that will not be disobeyed put the kibash on that idea.

Please explain to us all the changes you made to the basic Monarch and why you think they would be improvements, and if you feel they are now that the new boat is on the water. Also, testing them with IOM rigs is not a reliable means of evaluating the boats. Current M Class boats have much more up-to-date rigging that the IOM sail configurations (that haven’t changed since the '80’s).

sure Niel…
and this is just MY opinion… nothing wrong with the monarch design… but I like a boat that is alittle more stable… so what i did… was move the rocker panel forward. giving my boat alittle more forward boayancy… then i thought moving the bean BACK… giving my boat alittle more ( for lack of a better word. ) cutting action… think of pinching the forward section…I know it sounds alittle like taking 1 thing away… then adding another… but it works… then transome was made flatter… now this will get people thinking. why ? but basicly… i wanted less hull in the water so that when i was turning the boat… i would have less hull… and easier to swing though… I am not saying my boat is better than sails ect… or a walicki boat… this is just my first attempt. and ( I ) like what i got.

i agree that using an IOM rig… will give me TRUE reading… but right now… i am new to the division… and using what i have on hand…the hull is good… and from what i can find right now. the boat does point better… and carries the speed though a tack very easy … i have thrown alot of tacks just to see if it would slow down. to a point where i could not bring it out of irons… but after 20 tacks… it still wanted to go