My New IOM

hey all
Just thought i would post a video on my new IOM. and thought you might like to see in on the great lake…

The boat is not perfect yet. I dont like the stern but the boat scoots in the light air and the water you see… is Lake HURON…
hope you like

First of all congrats on your build - as you can see from my tread my first build is nowhere near your level of finish - Your IOM does look good well done

if I may here are some improvements mainly to the rig to improve its speed and pointing: lower the jib boom to the lowest position - minimising the gap from the top deck to the jib boom, then let the jib boom out further (approx 3 fingers width to the mast) and tension the jib leach a bit by letting out the jib leach line - the idea is that you have a similar twist on both sails when you look from the back. have the main boom one finger width from the main post.

then let the boat go on closed hauled see if the boat luff up just a tad then you’re ok - if the boat doesn’t then release a bit of the back stay, if it points to weather too quickly take on a bit on the back stay to open the leach of the main a bit…

Hope it helps - happy new year

Thank G
i am using a rig from one of my other boats… and I am building a new one for this one… YOUR idea of lowering the main boom is a good one. and i was thinking of doing that. trying to lower the COE over all… I was thinking the JIB BOOM was too high. I dont know how to connect it to the boat any other way… was thinking of just using a hook. and see what that would do…

I use all opinions and never toss out alot


post a close up pic of your front bulkhead and I’ll have a look for you for low attachement systems - a few are used successfully - one is to use a piece of sheeting rope attached to the boom, passed through the eye on the bulkhead and attached to a hook further back - you can even fit a small bowsie to adjust the hight - simple cheap and working well.


here you go I put in a few more… just to give you an idea Lloyd

ok, simplest solution I would do is a piece of string with the shortest bowline knot at the end that you pass the loop on your deck hook, then pass on your jib boom loop attached somewhere around the middle of your jib boom with a bowsie so you can adjust the hight of your boom on the front bulkhead. simple, light and effective.

The other thing I recommend you do is to attach you jib clew closer to the jib boom - just a few mm gap. and I can’t if you have one but to put a leach line too to control your jib leach twist.

On the main I would if you could cut the gooseneck in half to allow you to lower the main boom also - it should still give you plenty of purchase on your kicker to control your main leach

Hope this help