My new IOM design.

I have started IOM with Craig Smith wide beam TS2 and really loved it and race it for 3 or 4 years before I switched. What a boat that TS2 - not the fastest but god what a cracking boat to helm and in good hand can still do well against newer design as long as the wind was strong enough to heel the boat a little.

My last IOM was a Ian Vicker’s design the V6 built by Pepe Vanixia and it was bullet proof and like the TS2 a very dry boat. Again what a cracking boat with which I built about 7 rigs altogether to play with tuning and eventually found a good one. I very quickly found a good setup for B rig and she was dam fast in B-rig conditions but I always suffered in the really light stuff. Surprising really as she was designed to do well in light wind. But really struggled to get her going in the light stuff. Eventually managed to get her going and did well here locally and went on to win the Paisley open last year against newer chined designed like the pikanto, MX14, MMX etc…

But it was time to change and I got in touch with Frank Russell through my friend Brian from Northern Ireland who also sails a Frank Russell design the MX14.
So one of our friend built one of Frank latest design the Goth XP in wood.

From this year the Goth XP will be the boat I will campaign in IOM class.
Now I also sail with Frank Russell sails
Still learning to tune her as there is no tuning guide but with my first top rig, using what I learned from the V6 I managed to win the last race of the Ulster’s championships in November up in Northern Ireland. It was in light wind so the boat performance is promising but it is still early days and I still to race her in more testing conditions.

Today I finished her C rig with Frank Russell sails. they sure look good.

and here is the XP in action in Lough Money during the Ulster Champs

More pics of my wooden Goth XP with her new top rig with FRD sails here

See Frank Russell Design boat gallery, plans and sails. here

Although I did manage to win the last race of the Ulsters Champs in nov 2014 - most was down to a great start but then I did manage the keep 3 Britpop at bay for the whole race and even pull away a little bit, this was in light wind so good but still a lot more work to do to put this design through its pace.

Monday I race against Britpop and V9 so we shall see.

Beautiful construction, congratulations !
Whish you good races

Hi Claudio,
Thank you - I wish I could take the credit for building this Frank Russell Design XP but it was a friend of mine Neill Suitor from Northern Ireland who built it for me. He a real magician with his hand when it comes to building. He’s done his V8 in wood, my XP and one of our friend’s V9 and now he’s buidling an alternative from Brad’s plans.

I still want to get sail my first built boat but not there yet. Better at sailing than building… So far she’s as competitive as any of the other fiberglass build boats like BP, v8 and v9 or cheinz… I am sure giving them boys a good run for their money.

It remains a very nice construction, congratulations to Neill