My new boat

Here is a pic of my unofficial IOM, now I just have to wait for it to stop snow, (yes middle of April it is snowing real good.

Nice job !

I’ve been looking for that color yellow. Can you give me any info? I’ve tried local fire station and also Yamaha motorcycle shop as they used to paint rims that color - but no info or help from them.

Appreciate your response.

Thanks Dick,

The paint is tremclad rust paint, key lime is the colour, purchased at local Home depot. It worked nice but even with primer (grey) it took lots of coats to get solid colour. I also found it ran real easy, seemed quite thin even after shaking it lots. Good luck


Hi Andrew. Looks good so far.

I cannot see a mast ram. If you don’t have one, it should be easy to add.

The rudder linkage is hard to see, but it looks like it might bind. Take a look at a product called Gold-Nrod. This is a flexible connection.

It does not have a mast ram, and the linkage that I am using is exactly what you suggest. I was even able to get the rudder servo, battery pack and reciever in one single 2.5"diameter screw top container. I will take a few more close up photos and post. The mast is deck mounted, can I still use a mast ram? Is there a way to make a home made one?


Here are a few more pics

one more

Looks very good!!! We can likely arrange for a measuring session for you by mid-year or so. Our “Islands” measurer will be coming through your locale sometime this summer and would likely be pleased to stop and spend a few hours with you.



What would all be involed to have my to IOM’s measured, or costs involved? I really do not plan on racing other that with my kids at the local pond? I really like building them, and would like to see if they really measure up, even speed wise?

Yes, you can still use a ram, as long as the mast base has a pin in a hole to keep it located.

I made my ram from scraps.

1 licence plate screw holder
1 2 inch screw threaded 632
1 decorative (knurled) nut 6
32 (as used in lighting)
1 round plastic collar (half inch dia).

Cut the collar in half. Drill and tap partway through for 6*32

Put the screw through the licence plate holder (it floats with some friction). Add the knurled nut. Add the half collar.

Drill a hole in the thwart, as high as possible. Push in the licence place holder, unti it snaps in place.

Great discription and photo, I will start making one right away. With a deck mounted mast it is only 2 1/2" from lower deck to upper deck is that enough distance to get movement out of the mast?

Yes, you will be able to change the shape of the lower mast. It does not take much pressure. It is easy to overdo the ram. If you lay the rigged boat on its side and look down the mast, you may see a reverse ‘S’. Just back off the ram until the lower mast is straight.

There is also a big benefit of the ram as it resists the pressure of the boom. Without the ram, the boom presses the lower mast forward in gusts and this allows the clew to lift. When the clew lifts, the twist increases and you spill wind and lose drive. In other words, you cannot precicely control the mainsail shape and trim.

Just try this. . with the boat fully rigged, and the vang on, (and no ram) lift the end of the boom. Watch what happens at the goosneck. The movement you see is ‘bad’. The ram will cancel that.