My Jif65

Just finished my Jif65 with sail # 6 hull #1. Now am starting to build one for my son Paul. And then will built another for me without the mistakes I made with this one LOL.

Nice job “B” !!!

is the water liquid yet out your way? Here in Minnesota, it’s soft around the edges, but toward the center it’s still hard. Cold yesterday, but projecting 60’s this week so maybe we’ll have open water soon. :rolleyes:

Interested in knowing how well the swing rig works.

A question - what did you use for your hatch and cover?


No water here is just starting to get soft but down south in Mass its all cleared out. The hatch cover is a lid and ring from a Fluff jar. It seems to work ok. Will let you know how the swing rig works. I followed a design on the rg85
forum. Made some mistakes on this one but have already started another one and will get better with practice.

Congratulations on being one of the first to finish building a RG65 in the USA.
Nice job!!!

In the photo, the boot looks good. Well done.

The only item I can see that may be an issue, is the angle of the bulb. If I line it up with the waterline, it looks like the bulb is canted downwards.

When a boat sails, it is normal for the bow to be depressed a bit from the pressure of the wind on the sails. The downward canted bulb will be exagerated and would cause drag and slow the boat. In the IOM class for example, it is normal to cant the bulb upwards 2 or 3 degrees to compensate for this effect so that the bulb is level while sailing.

That was just what I was thinking too. Is it possible that the keel is at the wrong angle fore and aft? It would look better if the leading edge was parallel with the mast. This set up has the keel set too far aft. JMHO.

If it looks right, it usually is right! This one does’nt!



Ralph -

actually, it seems a lot of the RG-65 designs have the keel pretty far back and close to the rudder. One of the “more senior” designer/builders indicates it allows the rig to sit further back, but then makes the boat a bit “twitchy” relative to steering. :slight_smile:

Byron noted some building issues that he hopes to correct on his next one - and this may also be one of those things.

I think the angle of the photo also adds to the strange look - but I’ve noticed that before on photos take on boats from forward and above deck off port/starboard bow. Depending on the angle taken, it often gives the impression the whole keel and keel bulb is “twisted” relative to the hull too.

Maybe if the mast is just straightened and brought more vertical (too much rear stay tension ???), it wouldn’t look to bad. In the long run, kudos to Byron for biting the bullet and proceeding with the build. As I found with mine, each successive build helps eliminate a little “ooops” from the earlier version hull.