My Footy

Called FirstFoot

Its a Micron and hopefully will be going for its first sail this weekend…

AARGH Squinty- pictures!!!

hope to see some of you on the water in the future (and yes, theres a possibility that may include you guys in the New-World over there on the wrong side of the Atlantic!)


Hmmmm…Brett’s hull, Dennis’s rig. Looks to me like the Old-World guy found some worthwhile goodies on the New-World side of the pond! :wink:

See you in Liverpool? :zbeer:

Bill H

looks great

Its an even newer world down here at the bottom of the earth…what with the new world having the booms so high?
Looks good Alex!

You are making me jealous.

I won’t be ready to sail for a few weeks at least.

Looks nice.


i don’t know what the “high boom” design is intended to do brett… i like my booms as low to the deck as i can get them, but i too have been noticing a trend toward raising them way up… can anyone shed some light on the subject?

Not sure, but I think the “high boom” you see on many sloop rigs is simply to get a functional boom vang fitted in.

Just have to add 2 cents…while I really like the tunablility of the sloop rig, I have to confess that it’s nice not to have to mess with all that stuff on my McRigs. The effectiveness of such a simple rig is a true breakthrough. Kudos Brett, for all the innovations you’ve made for us, my friend.

And, of course, I intended to include your Newer World in my New World comment!

Bill H

It does look like the vang is part of the gooseneck assembly and forces the boom to be set rather high. I have to agree that the McRig is really an ingenious simplification.


Thnaks for the comments.

I do have to admit the boom will be coming down about 10cm from its current height - the mast is about to lose 10cm in total length.

Unfortunately I didnt get to the pond this weekend and an imminent business-trip to the New-World is gonna get in the way for the next 10 days.

Yup, Bretts hull and Dennis’s Rig - with the exchange-rate at the current levels, it would’ve been rude not to spend my money.

Next is a razor (or actually 2 for the kids) - This Micron being my first foray into actually building or assembling anything more involved than a Tamiya plastic kit, I thought I go with some proven parts to make the first boat easier to complete.

My biggest concern is the size of the rig - its HUGE!!! - Looking at the pictures of Footys sailing on this forum and the web-page, I think my “Tall-Ship” may be very conspicuous - Thankfully Dennis also supplied me with a B-Rig.

Hope to see lots of you in Liverpool - I’ll probably be the one floundering at the back of the fleet !!!



Thanks for sharing the pics - hope the trials go well when you are back from sorting out the New World.

Roll on the summer when this tall rig may be applicable again! On Sunday at Chertsey the required dress was storm rigs! Couple of pictures attached showing the style of stumpy rigs which seemed to work best

As you can see - diminutive rigs every one!

(there is always one, isn’t there?)

I hope that the pic of 99 is an optical illusion! if not Moonshadows bulb now points downhill??