my footy v2

ot down to it and started to make a bit of progress on the plug for my v2 footy.cant quite deside weather im going to make the split horizotaly or verticaly how ive done my outhers,what do you guys prefur in a kit?being able to get inside the hull easy but have to join the deck or have it all joind but have to fidle a little bit to get stuf inside?

Nice looking plug.

As a practical matter, if you are intending to produce these hulls in a very light layup ala Moonshadow, I would recommend that the seam be at the deckline. Since bonding the deck to the hull will require some level of reenforcement at the seam, structurally this would be the better location for it so as to resist side impact in a collision.

For your ease of molding though, the two half method would allow you to cast a keel trunk, rudder tube, and mast tubes at the same time you layup the hull.

You have yourself a quandary.

yea they bouth have there benifits i ges i can still do the keel trunk with a horizontal join so thats ok and the mast tube will probly be part of the fin so that may sort that. it think what ill probly do is also mold a tray that sits in the hull around the join line to help jig everything true and give some reanforcement.