My first sailing adventure!

I have finally sailed my Pintail 12! First time I have EVER sailed! Man what a blast! Could have done that all day long! Relaxing and such a thrill to see that hard work scooting out across the pond on wind power alone. I do believe I am hooked! I just need to finish up some details and I will post a few images of her, unless I just sail again tomorrow :smiley:

Thanks to everyone for helping me with the few questions I posted in these forums. And also a big thanks to Graham for producing the Pintail 12!

Well, I went sailing again today. And forgot the dang camera on the table! So I had to resort to my cell phone for pics. Not the greatest but cold be worse.

Good to hear about the successful maiden voyage Rick, she does look nice. I see you got the port holes fitted :slight_smile:

Looking at the sail set in the photos… do you think the main boom is riding up the mast? The bottom screw eye should hold it down, then when you pull the top boom tighter you should be able to get the luff edge much straighter. Just a little of the tweaking and changing that makes model yachts so much fun for me… and you by the sounds of it!


Yeah it is riding up. I figured I needed to move that screw eye down, it just didn’t look quite right.

She is so much fun! Thanks Graham for the port holes! She seemed naked with out them :smiley:


Got my boat on the water again today. Can’t get over how much fun it is!