My First LandYacht

I took a break from Footys and built myself a class 1 landyacht. I managed to get out and run this afternoon for about an hour. What a kick!:zbeer: . When it gets up and goes it GOES! Of course my camera battery died this afternoon, but here are some pics from earlier today before I ran it. Good thing because I broke all the stays off already:rolleyes:

That’s a neat one, Bob. Is there any chance that you can get a photo of the radio stuff & servos?


Way to go Bob–glad to hear you have joined the rc landyacht group. I havre an S1 and an S2 and these led me to buy a real one—THE BLOKART. When you are sitting in the seat screaming across a parking lot it doesnt get any better than that. With you side stays I replaced the line with 50lb dacron fishing line with Spectra. I use a sail -Pekabee hook on the bow and heavy jewellry spring clips on the rear plank. Also important is the initial set up of the lines. With the rear wheels off the ground the side stays should be tight but when the yacht is set on the ground the side stays loosen to allow the mast to move side to side. I also replaced the rear plank on the S1 to a wooden one which allows more flex and hence more grip. They are still squirrley in a stiff wind and will do a 360 when the rear tires loose grip. Have fun my friend and check out for Blokart racing. Cheers Bill.

Thanx Bill:)
I am lucky enough to live very close to Robert Weber, creator of the S1 and he is a real nice guy! Got a lot of info and parts from him and would have bought one of his kits, but I am a scratch builder and prefer to go my own way even if it is the school of hard knocks. I got a chance many years ago to try a small full size one, and it really hooked me! The scarry part is that I have the tools and knowledge to make a full size one:scared: .
I will take a pic as soon as I get another battery


I always wanted to build a landsailor, but I couldn’t figure out the radio gear setup.

Looks great! I can see the Robert Weber influence
( ), in fact at first I thought it was one of his “S1” models. Robert is an all around good guy & has come up with some beautifully simple solutions. With a stiff mast, you may be able to dispense with the sidestays. Keep us posted on your progress.

Good point about plank flex helping to keep the wheels on the ground.

The electronics are no more complicated than those for a Footy.

Bill K

Thanks Bill,
I was very impressed when I visited Robert and thought his designs to be well done. I bought his wheels and he gave me one of his front wheel steering. I have figured out a new method for attaching my stays and would have gone to try it out, but we had 40-50mph winds today, I am not that brave