My first IOM build

thanks Kostas - hope you had a great christmas !

Thanks for the tip - gonna give it a good wash as you recommend and see then

The hull is getting stiffer with the 3 bands of f/g I layed to reinforce it. The question now is how to glue on the stripe of wood on the hull to then glue the deck on. I tried but the wood is too stiff and it deforms the hull shape. not sure what to do to sort this issue !

Will post a few more pics of the progress tomorrow I hope.


Update - the hull + deck sanded with reinforcing bands epoxied on the hull 360g. happy so far as I have not cut yet the hull at the deck line.

struggle to put the planks of wood at the deck level cos they’re too stiff and they deform the hull shape instead of of bending to the hull shape.


The sheer strips will try to straighten out the hull. Just glue them in and then re-establish the hull shape with spreaders. I use two sheer strips. the first is 1/8" x 1/4"(3x6mm) and then I put a 1/8 x1/8" on top of that. The thinner pieces conform to the shape better and it makes a wider gluing surface for the deck.

Not sure if this idea would work for you but I moulded a strip along the entire length gunnel of the male plug. The strip was about 20mm wide of offcuts off cloth. Give it a rough sand where you’ve overlapped pieces before releasing and it is the almost perfect shape to match both hull and deck.

I had the hull/deck line marked on the plug, which I traced onto both the hull and deck before releasing them. I traced the same line onto the strip to make it easier to locate when I glued it to the hull. Rough up the inner gunnel, glue it on (using plenty of masking tape of course) and you’ve got a surface the same shape as the deck to glue it to. If all three traced lined come together, hey, its got to be a close fit.

One way I have done it is to place a sheet of plexiglass over the entire hull. Mark it with a marks-a-lot about 1/2 inch inside the hull and cut out the middle. Tape the plexi back in place, carefull not to deform the hull. Then you can reach inside the hull and form a fillet with epoxy and lightweight filler around the inside of the hull with a finger. Once it cures, you can pop the plexiglass off and have a nice edge to epoxy the deck too. I don’t like wood inside my boats.

Save the plexi for other hulls! :slight_smile:

doing without wood really interest me - Happy new year to all of you by the way - I really appreaciate your ideas and support :slight_smile:

Not sure I quite understood your idea but this is what I understood your tehcnique to be:
1- you place the hull on a plexi sheet
2- marks a lot is that a permanent marker ? sorry but we don’t use that expression over here so only guessing
3 you mark the shape of the hull on the plexi from the other side and you places marks 1/2 inch from the edge of the hull ?
4- you cut the outide of the plexi which follows the shape of the hull and cut out the midde so you are left with a 1/2 inch thick deck shape right ?
5- tape it to the hull and create a shoulder from underneath the plexi for (once cured) the deck to glue on

did I get this right ? if so sounds good and avoid the use of wood

how much of a shoulder you need for a solid assembly ? was thinking of 4mm (sorry I am a metric man)