My First Footy!

First, I would like to say, Are you kidding me… I spend a week or so of free time building this thing and now I have to chuck it in the pond and hope for the best?? My wife says I should just hang it on the wall… :rolleyes:

Anyhow, this is my first Footy, “Spirit”. It is based on the Cobra Mk.1 free plans from Bill H. Thank you Bill and I hope you are not too disappointed with my rendition of your creation.

The hull is constructed of .060 polystyrene and all of the furniture is red oak. I am trying something different with my lead as you can see in the pics. There was no way I was going to throw a boat in the water with painters tapes being my waterproofing… so I constructed a watertight hatch, as shown, complete with a dam and gasket. I hope it works and the effort was certianly worth the weight hit (.27 oz) if it does. Total weight now is about 16.5 oz.

I should have the rig and radio done by next weekend and will post a picture or two of the wet results.

You can see a build log in the Yahoo group.

Thanks for a great forum guys, I built my Footy from the info found here!