My first footy, eventually.

Construction has begun on my first Footy, and sailboat ever. It’ll mostly be a Footy, although my ambitious design idea calls for some “out of the box” expansions, which will be removable since they won’t comply with the Box rules.

The hull has just been cut, I’m using the Razor design, and will be glued and ready for tomorrow. Since the Footy is all about fun, my boat will be quite different, and probably the slowest, most poorly performing Footy you’ve ever seen, but it’ll look nice and I’ll have a blast building and sailing it. And I can almost garauntee no one else will have one like it.

Once the hull is glued, I’ll post up some pictures, and give some more details on the plan.

Good on you, have fun - and you might surprise yourself.

You forgot the part about you being all thumbs, and after this experience, you’ll have one less thumb on the next go. :smiley:

Lost a good part of my thumb at work a couple years back. it’s mostly grown back now. I’m less thumbs than most people, literally, but it has the same effect.

So I couldn’t find my CA glue, which means that epoxy is the only thing to use right now (Easter weekend means the LHS is closed) so hull assembly will have to wait.

I will shed some light on my project though. What I will be doing is building a superstructure onto my razor which has a slightly raised deck area, and an even higher deck in the stern, giving it the feel of a ship, rather than a sloop. I’m going with a square rigged mainsail which will be self correcting, and an adjustable jib up front off a bowsprint. The mainmast will also have a detachable spanker, so when not doing an official Footy business, I can add that on for more of the look I’m going for.

I may even make the false deck and cabin removable and have a second set of sails, so it could be a regular Razor, and transform into my mini-ship. Anyways, that’s the plan, and as long as it floats and moves I’ll be happy.